Lew to be named Treasury Secretary

According to Bloomberg, President Barack Obama plans to name White House Chief of Staff and lifelong bureaucrat Jack Lew as his choice for Treasury Secretary. He will replace Timothy F. Geithner.

Lew was formerly Director of the Office of Management and Budget for Obama, a position he also held from 1998 to 2001 in the Clinton administration. He began his career as an aide to Speaker Tip O???Neill

Lew did much of the legwork in debt ceiling showdown with Republicans in 2011.

From a recent New York Time profile:

At 57, Mr. Lew may be the most unassuming power broker in Washington. He is deeply religious (an Orthodox Jew, he leaves work each Friday before sundown) and is so strait-laced that his colleagues feel compelled to apologize when they curse in front of him. He brings his own lunch (a cheese sandwich and an apple) and eats at his desk.

Also — though mainstream outlets may forget to mention it as they profile his impressive resume and meticulous manners — Lew is an ideological leftist.