It’s just not a proper Arab Spring without the World Trade Center bomber

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi sat down for an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN in Cairo, and oh my God, this guy just will not shut up about the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as Osama bin Laden’s beta tester for destruction of the World Trade Center:


Nothing here that we didn’t hear about the Lockerbie bomber, who was released on ostensibly humanitarian grounds – the poor little mass murderer was dying of cancer! – and went on to live the rest of his days celebrated as a hero in Moammar Qaddafi’s Libya, which also turned out to be living the rest of its days.

This is all part of an ugly power play between ascendant Islamists and a declining America, as you can see from Morsi’s constant use of the term “respect.”  Concessions made to Egypt on the fate of this terrorist mastermind would become huge propaganda victories for the Muslim Brotherhood and its fellow travelers.  Every terrorist organization would love for its operatives to receive the kind of honors and consideration which are properly reserved for lawful, uniformed soldiers.  That’s one of the ways barbarism devours civilization: by claiming its benefits without earning them.

Freedom, or at least extradition (wink, wink!) of the Blind Sheikh was the original cause of the recent unrest in Cairo.  It was a hot topic bubbling through Islamist forums as the assault on the U.S. embassy was planned.  The whole “Innocence of Muslims” video storyline was grafted in later, in the evident (and vindicated) belief it would both liven up the demonstration and make it seem more sympathetic to Western media and the Obama Administration.

The organizers of the otherwise unrelated attack on the American embassy in Benghazi heard about the flap in Cairo and decided to throw the Video of Doom out there for credulous Western observers too – an effort the Obama Administration proved very eager to assist them with, for domestic political reasons.  All the while, those who desire freedom for the World Trade Center bomber, including Mohammed Morsi, never forgot what they orginally wanted.  They only needed to wait for the right time to bring it up again.