Eagle Eye Opener: Emerging Markets Carry High Risk in 2013; Futures Open Down; Apple Eyes Growth in China

Top Four Riskiest Investment Areas for 2013 (CNBC)

Investors in emerging markets better hang on for a wild ride in 2013, as this group was labeled as the most risky investment for 2013 by the Eurasia Group think tank.  According to the group???s Director Wolfango Piccoli, ?????? downside risk will differ from country to country.  In our view for the euro zone, market pressure is gone??????  The Group lists China as the second riskiest investment due to its political, natural and environmental problems. Rounding out the top four riskiest investments are Arab states, as they head into their summer months, and the United States — which isn???t past all of the problems associated with the fiscal cliff. Your best bet for investing in 2013, curiously, the Group didn???t say.

Futures Open Down, World Markets up on Earnings Questions (Bloomberg)

Index futures for the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are down slightly this morning as the market braces for the next round of earnings reports from U.S. bellwether companies.  Internationally, sentiments are mixed with the Far East down: the Nikkei 225 dipped .086 percent; Hong Kong???s Hang Seng lost .94 percent and the Shanghai Composite gave back .41 percent. In Europe, at press time, England???s FTSE 100 was up .19 percent, France???s CAC 40 had gained .58 percent and the German DAX was ahead .07 percent. As earnings begin to come in, expect these numbers to change.

Apple Looking for Bigger Slice of China (Bloomberg)

Tim Cook, Apple Inc.???s chief executive officer, is on Chinese soil again for the second time in less than a year — during which time Apple doubled the number of its retail stores in the country. While China may be the world???s second-largest economy, high-technology investors should take note that it is the world???s largest market for computers and mobile phones. Apple opened is first store there in 2008 and now boasts 11 retail outlets. Clearly, China is the apple of??? ah, Apple???s eye for the future. Investors would do well to keep this in mind.