Occupy Wall Street organizer busted for possession of mostly peaceful bomb components

The Occupy Wall Street movement is over, but the anarchist and totalitarian passions that animated the movement are still alive, well, angry, and heavily armed.  From the New York Post:

The privileged daughter of a prominent city doctor, and her boyfriend ??? a Harvard grad and Occupy Wall Street activist ??? have been busted for allegedly having a cache of weapons and a bombmaking explosive in their Greenwich Village apartment.

Morgan Gliedman ??? who is nine-months pregnant ??? and her baby daddy, Aaron Greene, 31, also had instructions on making bombs, including a stack of papers with a cover sheet titled, ???The Terrorist Encyclopedia,?????? sources told The Post yesterday.

People who know Greene say his political views are ???extreme,??? the sources said.

Whatever might those “extreme” political beliefs be, I wonder?  He’s probably a Constitution fetishist who agitates for smaller government, right?

Evidently Ms. Gliedman has reached the limits of her privileged life, because the cops were hunting her down for credit-card fraud when they found “a plastic container with seven grams of a white chemical powder called HMTD, which is so powerful, cops evacuated several nearby building.”  They also discovered “a flare launcher, which is a commercial replica of a grenade launcher; a modified 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun; ammo; and nine high-capacity rifle magazines.”  Well, now we know why those credit cards were maxed out.

The tenor of a popular movement has a lot to do with the sort of people who show up for the meetings.  There were many forces at play in the Occupy debacle, including deliberate efforts by the media and mainstream Democrats to mold them into the “liberal Tea Party” of their dreams.  Somewhere in those squalid Occupy camps and fitfully violent protests were people who might actually have found some common ground with Tea Party activists, who also view the intersection of Big Government and Big Business with deep skepticism.  But the founding principle of OWS, the concept of illegal “occupation” to compel attention to its agenda, inevitably corrupted the enterprise, and attracted people with even more vigorous plans for compelling the attention of the public.

It’s not just a minor stylistic difference that the Tea Party crew was law-abiding and tidy – it goes to the heart of who they are, what they want, and how they regard the rest of the American public.  That’s why the media’s fervent search for Tea Party violence never turned up the kind of story they resolutely ignore when it emanates from their once-beloved, now-forgotten Occupy crew.

Update: Conservative humorist David Burge, aka “Iowahawk,” has been having a field day pointing out that the New York Times, the so-called “paper of record,” did not see fit to mention this story at all… even though it clearly ties in to the paper’s normal gun-control obsessions.  “Chew on this,” Burge invites via Twitter.  “Pregnant Park Avenue heiress and her Harvard grad Occupy boyfriend arrested with flat full of lethal weaponry.  New York Times coverage: zero.”