The Nuge on gun control

Ted Nugent had a lively chat with CNN’s Piers Morgan about gun control the other night:

I love a conversation where the reasonable guy is the one who has to get bleeped a few times.  Nugent is the one who came prepared with real logic and factual arguments; Morgan has little but a factoid that doesn’t last any longer than a deer wandering into the Nugent backyard an hour before dinner.  It’s rather significant that an awful lot of gun violence boils down to career criminals who shouldn’t be on the street in the first place, shooting both innocent people and other criminals, don’t you think?

The other admirable thing about Ted Nugent’s approach is that he refuses to be apologetic about the exercise of his Constitutional rights… as if they were a fragile gift bestowed by politicians who might take them away at any moment, should the child-citizens misbehave.  The point behind having such rights is that we don’t have to justify them.  They were inherent to us from the moment of our birth, and were the rightful due of free men before the first word of the U.S. Constitution was penned.  They are not subject to periodic renewal, like a magazine subscription.

It is appropriate to be boisterous about everything in the Bill of Rights.  It is the State that should be humble.  Those mighty amendments explain how, and why.

Law-abiding people have no reason to feel “guilty” over the actions of criminals.  Does the presence of shoplifters make a good citizen feel guilty and defensive when he strolls into a department store?  If the government can’t conduct itself in a manner that respects our Constitutional rights, the problem lies with the government, not with us.  Gun-control zealots need no answer beyond the one Nugent gives at the end of this clip, and it should be delivered with bold confidence.


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