Election 2012 Debrief: What went wrong and how to fix it

Even as some Republican politicians publicly say it???s time to look forward, privately they and others acknowledge that Republicans must begin a clear-eyed autopsy of Election 2012; that is, if Election 2014 and 2016 can hope to advance individual liberty. Human Events is starting the conversation???and signaling the urgency??? as we present the perspectives of a number of committed members of the conservative movement in these essays, and encourage the discussion to continue.

Far away as it may seem, the mid-term elections and 2016 will come fast, and the opportunity to elect limited government conservatives will be upon us again, but those chances may not be as strong unless Republicans and conservative activists can learn effectively and humbly from the failures of 2012.

In light of the election defeats, we at Human Events have decided to investigate the root problems and think through the best practices that will benefit conservatives in the future, but also help us avoid the technological, branding, and messaging issues that kept us back.

The Democrats operated intelligently and strategically in this past election, and it showed. Let’s hope conservatives can work together — with innovation and efficiency –now to retake the field.

Finding our Inner optimism: Conservatives offer better solutions
by Jon Huntsman
???We need to appeal to those who are conservative by temperament but not necessarily by ideology, everyone from Reagan Democrats to young Hispanic families and independent young voters.???

How conservatives can reach Hispanic voters
by Israel Ortega
Hispanics, like all Americans, will be drawn to a hopeful message that is forward-thinking and inspirational.

Donor misgivings: Money on right only preserved status quo
by Erick Erickson
Donors can take a number of steps to make their contributions more productive going forward.

Invest in grassroots now, or lose again
by Ned Ryun
In the end, this election was lost by 381,000 votes total. Going forward, conservatives must invest in a permanent grassroots infrastructure and it must be a priority.

Military who spoke up against Obama say message was lost amid media barrage
by Hope Hodge
Two military Super PACs were unable ultimately to sway swing states, but they still have funds and are leading efforts on new fronts.