New guns, gear for 2013

Rumors and announcements of new guns and shooting gear are coming faster and more furiously than the denials of wrong doing at the Department of Justice.  We are down to the last few weeks before the SHOT Show, so I figured I would go over some of the things I am hearing.

Battle Rifle Company BR308

Texas-based Battle Rifle Company will introduce a new AR-style rifle at the SHOT Show chambered in .308.  The new BR308 appears to be a very nicely configured gun with barrel lengths from 14.5??? to 20???, a custom designed flash suppressor, ambidextrous fire controls and more.  The receiver has a Picatinny rail for easy optics mounting, and the gun ships standard with Magpul front and rear folding sights.

The company will also begin selling their custom 5.56 and 7.62 flash suppressors.  The Disintegrator Flash Suppressors are supposed to reduce visible muzzle flash by 96-98%.

ARES-15 Mission Configurable Rifle

ARES Defense Systems announced the ARES-15 Mission Configurable Rifle (MCR).  The rifle features a quick-change barrel system, allowing the shooter to swap out 12.5???, 16??? and 20??? barrels without tools.  Additionally, the rifles can be magazine fed like other AR-style rifles, or they can be set up as belt-fed.

ARES also makes caliber conversions for the rifle.  Shooters can pick between 5.56 NATO (standard configuration) and .22 LR, 9mm, 5.45×39, 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel.

???Revolutionary??? New Winchester Rimfire Caliber

Winchester Ammunition recently released a teaser video announcing the introduction of a new rimfire caliber in January 2013.  The video suggests the new cartridge will be revolutionary, and that the round will be the ???fastest rimfire on the planet.???

Most new cartridges fail, but every now and then a new caliber will catch on and become a staple in the shooting industry.  Modern examples include the .40 S&W and the .17 HMR.  I am eager to see what Winchester Ammunition has developed.

Perhaps equally interesting is to see what company Winchester Ammunition has partnered with to produce a firearm that will chamber the new cartridge.  Many times with a brand-new caliber, a gun and cartridge are developed in tandem.

ATI 300 Blackout Rifle


American Tactical Imports will show a new AR-type rifle chambered in .300 AAC Blackout.  The new rifles will come with either a 10.5??? or 16??? barrel.  (Anyone else noticing how many short barrel rifles are being introduced this year?)

The rifles use various Head Down products and will ship with a 30 round polymer magazine and hard case.  The best part:  $999 MSRP.  Many .300 Blackout rifles are retailing well above the $1k price point, so I suspect ATI might sell quite a few of these.

Vega Holster

Italian holster company, Vega Holster, will be showing off their new boxer-holster at the SHOT Show.  This new rig is boxer-brief style underwear with rear pockets for pistols (one on each cheek) and smaller pockets for extra magazines, a flashlight, or other bits of gear.

I can see how this holster undergarment could be a huge win or awful fail.  The proof is in the wearing.  My biggest concern is in sitting down while wearing these.  They might be best for hiding a small gun while jogging or working out.  Regardless, don???t expect me to model these for you.


IWI_US_TAVOR_SAR_16Israel Weapon Indistries (IWI) recently formed a US-based company (IWI US) that is working on bringing a civilian version of the TAVOR bullpup rifle to the market.  The original TAVOR is a select fire assault rifle used by the Israeli military.

The civilian TAVOR will be chambered in 5.56 NATO and will accept standard AR15 type magazines.  Barrel lengths will vary between 16.5??? and 18???, but because of the bullpup design, overall lengths will be no more than 27.625???.

The guns are considered fully ambidextrous.   The guns will be assembled in the United States from parts made in both Israel and the US.

An interesting addition to the TAVOR line is the ability to purchase conversion kits from IWI US to swap the TAVOR over to 9mm and 5.45×39.

No doubt about it:  this year???s SHOT Show is going to be interesting.