Morton Halperin???s back

One of the most controversial of left-wing figures in past Democratic administrations resurfaced last week, albeit in a very low-key role. Morton Halperin, whose 1993 nomination to be assistant secretary of defense for Democracy and Peacekeeping was withdrawn amid major conservative opposition, has been named by the White House to the Board of Directors of the Milennium Challenge Corporation.

When Bill Clinton and the late Secretary of Defense Les Aspin tapped Halperin for the sensitive Pentagon job 19 years ago, Human Events played the key role in spelling out his long record of outspoken opposition to any government information being classified.

As Human Events was helping to prepare Sen. John McCain for a confirmation battle, Halperin withdrew his own nomination. He supported CIA turncoat Phillip Agee’s decision to name our intelligence agents abroad, a decision that  many believed led to the murder of our station chief in Greece. In addition, Halperin was the subject of FBI wiretaps while on the National Security Council staff in 1969 for allegedly leaking top secret information to the New York Times.

As director of the ACLU???s Washington office, he defended the right of The Progressive Magazine to publish a description of the design principle of the H-Bomb. More recently, Halperin has been a senior advisor for left-wing billionaire George Soros??? Open Society Institute.