A very crony Christmas

Using the familiar image of a bell ringer and a Christmas donation kettle, the Crony Chronicles reminds us that we’ve all made our donations to corporate welfare already:

Corporate welfare isn’t just about direct cash subsidies and bailouts, and it doesn’t all come from the federal government.  It can take many forms, all of which weaken competition and burden the taxpayer.  “The government should be ensuring a level playing field where businesses can fairly compete to serve consumers, instead of taking money from taxpayers and giving it to politically connected interest groups or using the tax code to benefit certain industries,” Crony Chronicles writes.  “Businesses should be providing valuable products and services to consumers, increasing our prosperity and improving our quality of life. Instead the government has made many businesses artificially profitable through the political system.  We need to end corporate welfare.”

To that end, Crony Chronicles has a website dedicated to the taxidermy of corporate welfare, from bailouts to regulatory abuse, collecting material from a variety of sources.  Might as well have a look!  You already paid for it.