Medal of Honor Roll Call: William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

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 This month we start a new theme: Civilians who received the MoH.  Originally there were eight (one of whom, Mary Walker, we featured last month). However, during the ???Purge of 1917??? ??? when the government revised the rules for the award and disqualified 911recipients ??? these eight had their honor rescinded. Thanks to Mary Walker???s reinstatement in 1977, on 12 June, 1989, the other seven had their honors returned as well.  This week a familiar name: William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Quite the amazing character, and one who much legend has grown around. Since his citation is unbelievably short (see below) you???ll have to go here to get ???the rest of the story???:

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Rank: Civilian Scout. Born: Scott County, Iowa. Organization: 3rd Cavalry U.S. Army. Action date: 26 April 1872. Place: Platte River, Nebraska.

Citation: Gallantry in action.