Missouri Tea Partiers to draft Rubio at Dec. 1 rally

The leader of the Missouri-based Tea Party group Liberty Loyalists will call on fellow Tea Partiers to draft Sen. Marco A. Rubio (R.-Fla.) for president at a Dec. 1 rally held under the state capitol rotunda in Jefferson City.

???The opposing team just scored, we were up and we should have won the game, it???s a no-brainer because we have the best talent???but, they just scored again, and there???s eight seconds left and we???re down by six,??? said Mark Muller, a Missouri car dealer, the president of the Liberty Loyalist, which he founded in 2010.

???This was supposed to be the most important election in the history of the country, and we lost,??? he said.

The only play left is the long heave to the end zone known as the ???Hail Mary,??? Muller said.

Nominating Rubio is the big, bold play to save the game, or in this case America, he said.

The Liberty Loyalists board of directors voted Nov. 21 to endorse Rubio for president in 2016, so they would be the first ones out of the gate, he said.

???No one else is as strong, who can deliver a message like Rubio,??? he said.

Muller said there will be more than 100 Tea Party groups represented at the rally, and as one of the speakers, he will make the case for the Sunshine State???s junior senator. ???It should be quite the show. The rally will start at nine in the morning and go until three in the afternoon.???

???All the Tea Parties need to merge,??? he said. ???We need strength. We need to come under an umbrella of a coalition???we can have our individual parties to do what you want to do???but, we need to have a very clear message and a very clear voice.???

The message is: Missourians for Rubio, he said.

Rubio is smart, principled and not afraid of the liberal, he said.

Among other reasons, Rubio should be the next Republican candidate for president because he can reach of to the Hispanic community, he said.

???The Hispanics should be conservatives,??? he said. ???Many are Catholics, and they are good family people. One in 10 of them own a business???they are hard workers.???

In addition to nominating Rubio, the Republicans need to learn the lessons from the 2012 election cycle.

Muller said in his heart he knows there was a great deal of election fraud. ???But we still lost. We lost because our message was weak.???

In Missouri, the flawed candidacy of Rep. W. Todd Akin (R.-Mo.), who was challenging incumbent Sen. Claire C. McCaskill (D.-Mo.) dragged down the conservative cause immensely, he said.

Rape is a very difficult and sometimes complex subject, given the rules about age of consent and other factors, he said. ???But, you don???t go talking about it on national TV. Don???t you know the liberals are going to take a 10-second sound bite and destroy you with it? Of course, they are!???

Akin needed to step aside, the car dealer said.

???When the guy ruined everything for everybody, which he did, he should have had enough fortitude and enough strength as a human being to step down,??? he said. He should not have pulled the Republicans in Missouri and the nation down with him.

Muller said he contributed to his campaign and is a Christian like Akin, but the congressman and his wife took it things too far.

???I am a believer, but I would go to the Akin rallies and Mrs. Akin would stand around and say: ???Everyone, everyone, come here quick, quick,??? and we???re listening to her husband speak and she says: ???Everyone hold hands now, we???re going to say a prayer.??? She would make us all stand there and pray, and I am not talking about 38 seconds, I???m talking for 10 minutes.???

Akin???s wife is a sweet woman, he said.???But, they are just weird people,”

The group prayer at rallies took place before Akin???s comments about rape derailed his campaign, he said. ???

On the national level, Muller said he thinks it is time to consider some form of amnesty.

???Are we as a nation going to deploy 12 million people???? he asked.

???Can you imagine the pictures on TV and in the liberal press of us putting Mexicans on buses???? he asked.

Looking back on the campaign of W. Mitt Romney, Muller said the former Massachusetts governor reached out to the Tea Party.

???Romney gave his all, his message was good, but it was not good enough,??? he said. ???It was just OK, but it should have been enough to beat Barack Obama.???