1. Retired Army Gen. David H. Petraeus had an affair with his biographer Army Reserve Lt. Col. Paula D. Broadwell (nee Kranz). The relationship began when Petraeus was the U.S. theater commander in Afghanistan and continued through his tenure as CIA director. Her book, ???All In: The Education of Gen. David Petraeus??? is a silly book. But, at least now we know why it is so silly.

2. Broadwell sent cloaked emails to Gilberte K. ???Jill??? Kelley (nee Khawam) a Tampa, Fla., society hostess. The authoress suspected the Lebanese-born surgeon???s wife of romancing Petraeus.

3. Kelley hosted social events for Tampa-based U.S. Central Command, while Petraeus was its commanding general.

4. Kelley went to friendly FBI Agent Frederik W. Humphries II with the emails Broadwell sent her. The FBI agent opened an investigation. After discovering the emails were from Broadwell, he happened to read other emails that revealed her affair with Petraeus. The FBI expanded the investigation, when it suspected the relationship between Petraeus and Broadwell could have national security implications.

5. When the FBI took the original agent off the case because Humphries sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley, he went to Rep. Eric I. Cantor (R.-Va.), the House majority leader. After the agent told Cantor there could be a cover-up, Cantor went to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III. Mueller told Cantor the FBI was on top of the case.

7. Petraeus and Marine Gen. John R. Allen wrote character letters on behalf of Kelley???s twin sister Natalie Khawam Wolfe in her custody battle with her estranged husband Grayson Wolfe. Grayson Wolfe was a Bush administration official serving in Iraq and at the Import-Export Bank.

8. Allen was Centcom???s deputy commanding general under Petraeus, where he met Kelley. The two carried on an extensive and exhaustive email relationship that continued through his current tour as the commanding general of the International Security Assistance Force, America???s theater commander in Afghanistan.