Bitter irony: Eric Holder's personal ballot protected with... photo ID

Jason Ryan of ABC News reports via Twitter: “After James O’Keefe stunt in DC precinct 9, poll workers given picture of AG Eric Holder with ‘The Real Eric Holder’ scrawled on paper.”

That’s a reference to undercover filmmaker James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.  Earlier this year, an activist from Veritas strolled into Holder’s Washington, D.C. precinct and was easily able to claim his ballot.  To heighten the absurdity, the activist in question was white; Holder is black.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has campaigned relentlessly to block photo ID requirements for voters across the nation, smearing them as racist conspiracies to suppress the minority vote.  But on Election Day, Holder’s personal ballot was protected by… photo ID.