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As in 2000, Election Day falls on ‘Mercury in retrograde’

‚??Generally speaking, with Mercury going retrograde, there will be challenges to the voting process. You don‚??t have to be an astrologer to see that one coming.‚?Ě

Astrologers are watching Election Day with caution because at 6:05 p.m., on the East Coast, the planet Mercury will go into retrograde motion, a time of confusion and miscommunication.

The last time a presidential election was held during Mercury Retrogade was in 2000.

Sandra-Leigh Serio, an astrologer who is the president of the Rocky Mountain Astrologers Association, said Mercury Retrograde will bring chaos to the election. ‚??It is going to make a mess.‚?Ě

Sandra-Leigh Serio

Serio said the retrograde means broken communications and problems with transportation.

‚??We are all kind of waiting to see,‚?Ě she said.

‚??Mercury really is a trickster up there, it really screws things up,‚?Ě she said. Mercury is the clerk and messenger of the gods, who governs paperwork, data and communications.

In 2000, Serio said she and other astrologers anticipated the problems that surrounded the vote counting that year between President George W. Bush and then-vice president Albert Gore Jr.

The difference between the 2000 election retrograde and the 2012 election retrograde is that in 2000, Election Day fell at the end of the retrograde, instead of the beginning, she said. This year, Mercury will begin its retrograde while in¬†the constellation Sagittarius, and will then back up into Scorpio, and when it resumes its previous path, or goes ‚??direct,‚?Ě Nov. 26 it will proceed back towards¬†Sagittarius.

That day, secrets about the election may be revealed, she said. ‚??However, Nov. 14, Mercury re-enters Scorpio as it is moving in apparent backward motion, so that could also be a day when errors are discovered.‚?Ě

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Because Election Day falls at the beginning of retrograde instead of direct, as it did in 2000, it means it will be worse, she said.

Scorpio is a sign that brings controversy, deception and secret activity, she said. ‚??We might not have an answer right away‚??or we will have an answer, but it will be disputed.‚?Ě

Sagittarius is a sign that represents theories, views and higher law and rulings, which could mean court challenges for the results, she said.

‚??Because it is a sign of transportation it could mean people will have trouble getting to the voting booth,‚?Ě she said.

Serio said starting an administration under these conditions does not augur well. ‚??It will not be a day in the park, whoever it is.‚?Ě

James Braha, an astrologer based in Longboat Key, Fla., said, ‚??There are going to be astrologers, who are going to say: ‘Oh my God, the election! They won‚??t know who wins and it‚??s going to go on for weeks.’‚?Ě

Braha said he would not stick his neck out to predict massive chaos, but it is possible.

Glenn Perry

Glenn Perry, an astrologer based in Haddam Neck, Conn., said during the voting, there could be break downs in the technology.

‚??There is likely to be a delay, something prevents a resolution of the matter,‚?Ě he said.

Everything could be going along fine for the election, and then things start to go very wrong, said the astrologer, who has worked professionally since 1975. ‚??This is all very speculative because you are only looking at one planet.‚?Ě

The events of any given day are the sum of many different factors, big trends and little trends, he said. ‚??The total gestalt is very difficult to read for any kind of final outcome.‚?Ě

Perry said, ‚??Generally speaking with Mercury going retrograde there will be challenges to the voting process. You don‚??t have to be an astrologer to see that one coming.‚?Ě

Braha said Mercury Retrograde is the one thing about astrology non-astrologers should know about.

‚??Planets don‚??t go backwards,‚?Ě he said. ‚??They only appear to go backwards, and when they do appear to go backwards, they do have an effect in astrology.‚?Ě This apparent reversal is called retrograde.

The Florida astrologer said all planets retrograde, the sun and the moon, however, do not.

‚??Mercury goes backwards two-and-a-half times a year for 21 days each time,‚?Ě he said.

‚??If I was ever going to try to prove astrology‚??something I would never really do, but if I did, or make someone see that the planets do have an effect on people‚??s lives, this is what I would use, I would use the Mercury Retrograde, because it‚??s so effective. It works,‚?Ě he said.

For the 10 days before Mercury appears to stop and reverse direction, it appears to slow down, a period called ‚??the shadow of the retrograde,‚?Ě he said. ‚??When it stops, it is called stationary.‚?Ě

When Mercury slows down, anything that is not in good working order will break, he said. ‚??If you have a television, car or computer that has been quirky for the last two or three months, it has a likelihood of breaking down.‚?Ě

For this retrograde, the shadow began about Oct. 26, he said.

The purpose of the retrograde is to go back and fix what needs to be fixed, to clear out inboxes and to clean things that need to be cleaned, he said.

It is not a time for beginning new relationships, contracts or initiatives, he said.

Having an election during the retrograde is fearful, he said. ‚??You are starting something new, then it starts going backwards.‚?Ě

Braha said while Mercury Retrograde is a small trend, a larger astrological trend is Pluto square Uranus (PsU), which began¬†June 2012 and will not be resolved until March 2015. During PsU, the two planets will appear to be at a 90 degree angle to each other,¬†and then one will move on.¬†It is during this “box”¬†that events become extreme.

Pluto square Uranus is responsible for all the revolutions, such as the Arab Spring riots, especially things going crazy in Libya, and the Occupy Movement, he said. The PsU has the same force as the Pluto Uranus Conjunction in the 1960s, which was responsible for The Beatles, the assassinations and the revolutions of that time.

Perry said the larger astrological trends favor a Romney presidency and inclined the body politic in a more conservative direction.

Around the time of the last midterm elections, the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all changed signs, he said.

For all three to change signs around the time of Obama‚??s first term is extraordinary, he said. The first to change was Pluto, which went from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Pluto governs the economy and the financial world. When it was in Sagittarius, it was about expansion, recklessness and living beyond one‚??s means.

“When Pluto entered Capricorn at the end of 2008, it signaled a new time of frugality, cutting back ambitions and concrete goals,‚?Ě he said. ‚??The national climate now favors conservative fiscal policies. That is just the nature of Pluto in Capricorn.‚?Ě

Obama is on the wrong end of a massive sea of change, he said. ‚??The archetypal weather has radically shifted in a direction contrary to the prevailing mood in public sentiment, predominant values that were occurring while he was campaigning.‚?Ě

Uranus had been in Pisces for seven years, 2003 to 2010, and now it is in Ares, he said.

Capricorn and Ares are the two most conservative signs in the whole Zodiac, he said. ‚??They most closely define the conservative values.‚?Ě

Ares is especially about individual freedom and responsibility, he said.

‚??Ares is about self-reliance, free-enterprise, market competition and pulling-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps,‚?Ě he said. ‚??It is about not being a victim, not relying on government, taking initiative and entrepreneurship‚??even a strong military.‚?Ě

Pluto moving into Capricorn and Uranus into¬†Uranus combined with Pluto squaring Uranus¬†come together for the spirit of rebellion seen in the Arab Spring and the rise of the Tea Party — and in a sense the Occupy Movement, he said. ‚??It is the: ‚??We want change and we want it now!‚?? mentality.‚?Ě

In 2011, Neptune went into Pisces, which is actually more in alignment with Democratic values and the identification with being a victim, he said. ‚??We‚??re the 99 percent victimized by the 1 percent.‚?Ě

Perry said the outer three planets will not shift out of their current state for another six years.

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Neil W. McCabe is the editor of HE's "Guns & Patriots" e-letter and was a senior reporter at the Human Events newspaper. McCabe deployed with the Army Reserve to Iraq for 15 months as a combat historian. For many years, he was a reporter and photographer for "The Pilot," Boston's Catholic paper. He was also the editor of the free community papers "The Somerville (Mass.) News and "The Alewife (North Cambridge, Mass.)." Email him: Follow him on Twitter: @neilwmccabe.