The Cloakroom: Melgen's VOXXI endorses Menendez

The English-language Hispanic affairs news site owned by Democratic contributor Dr. Solomon E. Melgen endorsed Sen. Robert Menendez (D.-N.J.) for re-election Nov. 3 without mentioning the senator’s prosititute scandal.

“Bob Menendez is the clear choice for New Jersey. He is a champion for working families and the Hispanic community in the United States Senate. Because of his commitment to improve the lives of working families in New Jersey and help Hispanics across the country, he deserves to be re-elected to continue fighting for the next six years,” the VOXXI said. VOXXI is a blend of the Latin word for voice, vox, and the Roman numberals for 21, as in the 21th century.

“VOXXI???s editorial page makes its decision independent from the news department, and evaluated Sen. Menendez economic policies and his track record with the Hispanic population,” the board said, perhaps grateful that its view lines up so closely with the goals of their proprietor.

Last week, the federal village was rocked by the Daily Caller interview with two young female prostitutes and their claim that had contracted them for contact, but when he broke contact contracted the fee associated with the contract.

A spokeswoman for Menendez dismissed the story.

The other man in the story was Melgen, who runs a very successful Florida eye practice, Melgen Vitreo Retinal Eye Center, which has three locations.

Melgen donated thousands to Menendez, but there are other people on his list. Other recipients of his largesse include Christopher J. Dodd, the former  Democratic senator from Conneticut and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, a former retired Iraqi theater commander.

Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez (retired)

Melgen gave at least $7,500 Sanchez’s 2012 campaign for the open Senate seat from Texas. Sanchez was slated to be the Army’s first Hispanic four-star general until he was caught up in the Abu Ghraib scandal.