Okyay: Dieterich for Congress

Too many politicians in Washington are in perpetual ???solve all the Nation???s problems mode.??? Whether real or imagined, and regardless of the Constitution, they strive for a perfect world when a perfect world does not exist.

They seek to control every part of our lives via rules, regulations, taxes, and fines. They look to the government to act and act and act, without recognizing that their role is to protect and protect and protect our freedoms embodied in the Constitution.

When Republican candidate for Congress Robert J. Dietrich said to me his opponent Rep. Paul D. Tonko is further left than President Obama,  I found it hard to believe. That was until I purveyed Tonko???s congressional website.

Yep, Dietrich is right! Tonko fits the bill of being a left-wing, out-of-control government addict, bringing undue burden to the law abiding citizen at every corner of America.

Tonko recently signed unto a bill that asks the DOJ to compel Veterans to drug test their blood or urine.  This occurs just in case they are addicted to drugs or alcohol inducing big government???s help.  This proposed bill acts in direct violation of the 4th, 5th, 9th and 14th amendments to the Constitution.

There is an avenue for drug testing substance abusers, but this is not one of them. If a legal authority has probable cause to believe a Veteran or otherwise is using illegal drugs, he or she takes that probable cause assumption to an impartial Judge who decides whether the cause is strong enough to drug test, not some politician in Washington.

Watch a debate between Dieterich and Tonko

Tonko is the main sponsor of the ???Fuel Cell Industrial Vehicle Jobs Act of 2011.’  In English it means tax credits for makers of electric cars.  Yet, supply and demand says that electric cars are not cost effective and therefore are not on the market to be sold.   In July 2011, the Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Daniel Akerson said that while the cost of hydrogen fuel cell cars is decreasing: ???The electric car is still too expensive and probably won???t be practical until the 2020-plus period.???

Why is Washington bureaucrats in the car business, anyway?  And, just because the word ???jobs??? is in the title doesn???t mean jobs are created, apparently.

Tonko votes Yes to increase the debt ceiling; Yes to additional stimulus spending; Yes to a national carbon cap & tax program; No to opening up oil drilling; Yes to enforcing limits on so called global warming pollution; and Yes to restricting sales and regulating gun shows.

Earning the support of the National Rifle Association, Dietrich for Congress received an ???A??? on their questionnaire, whereas Tonko???s voting record earning him an ???F??? rating.

Dietrich, a qualified expert and marksman in the Air Force, said he takes the Second Amendment very seriously. “It is the part of the Constitution that protects all other liberties; it demands our obedience.???

The newly devised Congressional District 20 encompassing five counties in upstate New York has selected Republican Bob Dietrich to oppose left-wing Tonko.  Unlike Tonko, Dietrich is not a career politician; he is a concerned citizen, veteran of the Air Force and banker recognized as “CFO of the Year.”

As CFO of a local bank that did not accept bail-out funds from the government, and did not have any foreclosures under his tenure, Dietrich fully understands the financial turmoil left-wing ideology has produced. From a banker???s point of view, Dietrich said, ???Spending and debt is adding up. The trend in government interest is accumulating and the national debt is of greatest concern for America???s future, and our children???s future.???

There are some economic rules that cannot be ignored, he said.

???Printing money to finance the deficit devalues currency and raises prices,” he said.

“A well run business cannot operate effectively in this manner,??? said the 10-year veteran of the New York Air National Guard.

The choice is clear as the sky is blue, this Election Day support liberty candidates that respect and follow the Constitution.  Electing Bob Dietrich to Congress is one step further in bringing America back to the idea that government was not put into place to solve all our problems but rather, government was put into place to protect our liberty.