Top 10 reasons to vote for Romney

With Election Day finally arriving, we offer this list of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney.

1. Job creation
With 23 million Americans looking for work, job creation is the key to get the economy moving again. Romney will ease regulatory and tax burdens that inhibit businesses from hiring new workers.  His experience in the business world where budgets are met???as opposed to Obama’s community organizing background???makes him the kind of chief executive that can get the job done.

2. Lower taxes
A second Obama term will bring higher taxes rates for all Americans, increases in capital gains rates, tax deduction limitations, and scores of taxes associated with Obamacare???precisely the prescription for a double-digit recession. In contrast, Romney’s plan to reduce rates, while closing loopholes, will help boost economic growth.

3. Economic growth
A Romney win will go a long way to reassure businesses, which are sitting on a trillion dollars in cash reserves, that it is safe to make investments and expand their operations without Big Government stepping in. His policies on energy and trade will help boost economic growth. By contrast, just the enactment of Obama’s crushing tax increases will snuff out any hope that the United States sees a robust recovery.

4. Entitlement reform
Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate signaled that he was ready for a serious discussion about saving entitlement programs, where costs are spiraling out of control. Obama never offered a plan during his four years, ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations, and added another costly entitlement program with Obamacare. Social Security and Medicare are at risk unless a bold, daring approach is tried???like the Ryan plan.

5. Apppointments
As bad as Obama’s Cabinet has been during his first term (exhibit No. 1 and 2: Energy Secretary Steven Chu and EPA administrator Lisa Jackson), a second-term will only get worse as officials begin to flee and Democratic hacks and retreads are called upon (think Secretary of State John Kerry). Imagine instead a Cabinet with successful businessmen and governors, with track records of creating jobs and successfully living within a budget.

6. Repeal Obamacare
Romney has promised to do all he can to prevent the implementation of Obamacare. If the measure continues to be enacted, families will lose health coverage, doctors will flee the profession, taxes will go up, jobs will be lost, and the national debt will climb. It is a bill that the American people never wanted and this election is likely their last chance to stop its encroachment.

7. Military
The agreement to avert the debt ceiling crisis last year included an automatic sequestration of hundreds of billions of dollars in Pentagon funding that will endanger America’s national security by crippling the readiness of the armed forces. Democrats have long eyed the military budget and would like nothing better than to cut it down to size in order to have funding available for social programs and wealth redistribution.

8. Foreign affairs
Obama’s foreign policy is unraveling, with his outreach to the Muslim world disintegrating into an anti-American frenzy, as Iran marches steadily toward nuclear capability, and with allies snubbed and enemies emboldened. Romney will make sure that America is respected throughout the world and pursue a foreign policy that is in sync with the United States’ national interest rather than the dream of a new world order.

9. Bipartisanship
Obama promised a new era of bipartisanship when he ran for office in 2008, but advanced legislation without reaching across the aisle to include Republicans and added to Washington’s caustic tone with the constant demonization of his opponents. By contrast, Romney had a track record during his tenure as Massachusetts governor of working with a Democratic legislature to advance measures with votes from both parties.

10. Not Obama
The nation is weary after the four years of ideologically driven incompetence that was evident throughout Obama’s first term. With Obama having no plan other than more of the same???more taxes, more spending, more regulations, more government???we know what a second term will look like. While Romney is worthy of the presidency based on his background and demeanor, the best thing he has going for him is that he is not Barack Obama.