Hannity beats O'Reilly in key demos for first time ever

The rivalry between the two titan talk shows hosts at Fox News has always been fierce and always with the same result: Bill O’Reilly, host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” beats Sean Hannity, host of “Hannity.”

Until now.

In the October ratings book just released, fir the first time ever Hannity beat O’Reilly in critcal demographics. While O’Reilly beat Hannity in overall audience for the period of Oct. 1 to Oct. 26 with 2,988,000 viewers to Hannity’s 2,690,000 viewers, among 35 to 64 year-olds Hannity beat his rival 1,563,000 to 1,546,000.

A New York City-based media insider, who asked their name be witheld because they are not authorized to speak to the media, said Hannity had a great October because of the appearance on the show by Clint Eastwood, his reporting on Benghazi and his coverage of the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Hannity won other age-group breakdowns as well:

                                                               Hannity                   O’Reilly

25 to 54 year-old viewers             856,000                    772,000

18 to 34 year-old viewers             164,000                    162,000

18 to 49 year-old viewers             616,000                    527,000