ACU Chair predicts Romney win in Florida

At this point, 26 hours before the end of early voting in Florida, the end result becomes more predictable.  One can now assume that, barring the unforeseen, Mitt Romney should win the election in Florida by 2-3 points.

Four years ago, despite a fairly dismal overall showing, Sen. John McCain received more votes in Florida on Election Day than did then-Sen. Barack Obama.  However, he lost the overall vote by a significant margin due to an almost 400,000 early vote disadvantage.

The president???s early vote advantage in Florida will be less than 100,000 votes in 2012 and, by all accounts, it appears that Gov. Romney should have an ample margin in Florida.

He will win the state, and its 29 electoral votes, because: almost 43 percent of Hispanics; the majority of seniors and a narrow gender gap have proven decisive in the State???s outcome.???

Al Cardenas is chairman of the American Conservative Union and former Florida Republican Party Chairman.