Biden promises to give campaign audience "the whole load today"

I know, none of this matters, because Joe Biden has an unlimited permission slip from the media to say any foolish or untrue thing that pops into his head, without anyone ever questioning his fitness to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.  A lie every 30 seconds in the vice-presidential debate, mixed with eye-rolling bouts of grinning lunacy?  No big deal.  He was so “aggressive” in that debate.  Swoon!

Well, here’s Joe being “aggressive” again, and choosing words that don’t fit very well with the Democrats’ “War on Women” mythology, in which Republicans are supposed to be insensitive boors.

Update: More fun with our befuddled Gaffemaster B, as reported by Buzzfeed:

According to the pool report, a man came up to Biden as he was greeting patrons shouting, ???You???ve got to get a picture with some guys!???

Biden turned to the group of guys, then, according to the pool report, Biden asked one of them, ???Are you Indian????

???American!??? the man responded.

???No, I mean first generation,??? Biden replied, “with the further explanation of what he was saying being inaudible to the pool.”

At least the pool takes care to ensure that much of what Biden says is inaudible to American voters.