Guiliani: Baldwin's attacks on Thompson betray her left-wing alternative reality

The mayor of New York City during the Sept. 11 attacks on an Oct. 26 conference call defended former Wisconsin governor Tommy G. Thompson against charges Thompson exploited the 2001 tragedy, its victims.

???I am very please to do this, because Tommy Thompson, I owe him a great deal,??? said Rudolph W. L. ???Rudy??? Giuliani, who not only led NYC during that terrible time, but also became a national leader for Americans struggling to process the events and losses from the attack at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

Rep. Tammy S. Baldwin (D.-Wisc.) is wrong to accuse Thompson of working for a company that profited off of the victims at Ground Zero, he said.

Baldwin has twisted the record, when in fact, he was the victims’ champion, he said.

???The fact that the company that he is working with does good work helping people who were affected by Sept. 11 is a credit to Tommy Thompson,??? he said. The congresswomen???s criticism reflects her own hostility to the private sector. Thompson did more than any other cabinet secretary I can think of, certainly, no other cabinet secretary did more to help New York.”

Thompson, then serving as the secretary of Health and Human Services, called Guiliani within an hour of the attacks in Manhattan to ask what the mayor needed, he said.

The former Badger State governor is one of the unsung heroes of Sept. 11, the mayor said.

???He was the first cabinet secretary to visit Ground Zero and his deployed thousands of people to help us,??? he said. ???He got personally involved and made sure we had the right resources, after all, our resources were strained beyond any reasonable limits.???

People forget that a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, New York City was attacked with anthrax mailings, one that even came to the mayor???s office at City Hall, he said. In November, Thompson came to New York City and a summit to coordinate the response to the anthrax and check on the progress at Ground Zero.

???If it wasn???t for Tommy???s leadership, I don???t know if we could have handled it,??? he said.

During the anthrax scared the anxiety was panicking the country, he said. ???During that time, I called him three or four times a day.???

For Baldwin to attack Thompson about anything concerning Sept. 11 is hypocritical, he said.

???When you look at her voting record???this is the last person that should be criticizing anyone over Sept. 11,??? said Giuliani.

???This woman voted against a resolution to honor the victims of Sept. 11, some of whom were some of my closest friends,??? he said. The mayor was referring to House bill 994, which passed Sept. 13, 2006 with Baldwin as one of the only 12 dissenting votes.

???She voted against a resolution to offer condolences the families, some of whom are my closest friends, she was one of only 12 members of Congress to do this???even Nancy Pelosi voted for this resolution,??? he said. ???It is a straight out and out slap in the face to some of America???s greatest heroes, and a real slap to the face to their families.???

It gets worse than that, Giuliani said.

???She voted against body armor for our troops,??? he said.

???Armor keeps our troops alive, voting against armor puts our troops at risk of being killed,??? he said.

???You have to be so left-wing to vote against something like that that you got to be falling off a cliff,??? the mayor said.

Baldwin is also on the record voting ???present??? on a resolution condemning Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad???instead of voting in favor of the bill, he said. ???Once again, to vote present on something like that means that your left-wing ideology so extreme that you are basically living is some kind of unreal world.???