Akin Ad Slams McCaskill for $20 Million Stimulus Gift to Husband's Business (Video)

Conservative Todd Akin released the ad “Selling Us Out” slamming liberal Claire McCaskill for her $20 million Stimulus gift to her husband’s businesses.
The ad is Akin’s harshest attack at yet.

The Politico reported:

GOP Rep. Todd Akin is airing his harshest TV ad yet against Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, accusing her of allowing her husband to transact personal business in the Senate and profiting off her office.

The commercial rests on statements made by a former employee of Joseph Shepard, McCaskill’s husband. That ex-employee told the Daily Caller that Shepard entertained investors in the Senate dining room; McCaskill’s campaign has denied that accusation and pointed out that the accuser, Craig Woods, has a criminal record and acknowledged he never personally saw Shepard engaged in the acts he describes.

“It’s been revealed: Claire McCaskill’s husband was caught cutting business deals in the Senate dining room, selling tax credits tied to Obama’s stimulus money,” says Akin’s new ad, which was produced by the Ohio-based Strategy Group for Media.

The commercial accuses McCaskill of “arrogance and corruption,” showing an image of a jet on the screen and reminding viewers that McCaskill failed to pay taxes on a private plane for several years.


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