Rose: Tonya Reaves is the true face of the 'War on Women'

The maverick pro-life activist, who leads, told Human Events that there is a “real War on Women” being fought by Planned Parenthood.

“The story of Tonya Reaves, and her face, which Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and the media are trying to keep from American women, is the true face of the ‘War on Woman,'” said Lila Rose, the president of Live Action Advocate, the youth-led pro-life group founded in 2003, when Rose was 15 years-old.

Reaves, a 24-year-old Chicago woman, was killed during a July 20 botched abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic.

Dorsey Johns, Reaves??? mother, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Illinois in August. The mother is asking for compensation based on Planned Parenthood???s failure to call 911 immediately or contact the clinic???s on-call physician despite her profuse bleeding for more than five hours before she was taken to a hospital emergency room. Johns is also asking on behalf of Reaves??? one-year-old son.

The Reaves tragedy is not an isolated case, Rose said.

A new Live Action video, “Abortion–is it safe?” released Oct. 24, details how members of Live Action investigated Planned Parenthood, Rose said, by calling a number of the group’s clinics that had previously reported 911 medical emergencies, including one where a woman was hemorrhaging, and asked if anyone had been hurt at their clinics.

In one part of the video, a Planned Parenthood female employee is heard on the actual tape calling the Virginia Beach, Va., 911 operator. The woman makes a point of telling the 911 operator: ???OK, but the ambulance needs to come to the back door.???

Later, a Live Action member is heard calling the same clinic asking if anyone had ever been hurt at Virginia Beach clinic. ???Has anyone been hurt? Like, has anyone gotten???had a problem after having one????

The Live Action caller was told that sometimes after an abortion there is severe cramping that can be treated with a warm compress on her stomach or some ibuprofen.

???But, is it dangerous????

???No, ma???am.???

Rose said Live Action repeatedly caught Planned Parenthood lying and misleading the public.

???The media has been shockingly silent about the medical emergencies, the botched abortions that have happened in just the last two years,??? she said.

Lila Rose

“The silence is deafening.”

“During this election, the American women deserve to know the record of Planned Parenthood,??? she said.

“If there is a war on women going on anywhere in America, it is going on daily inside the walls of the nation’s hundreds of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.???

???They are maiming them physically and emotionally,??? Rose said.

???You have the biggest abortion chain, claiming to speak for women, claiming to protect women, but instead they are hiding medical emergencies. They have had over a dozen medical emergencies in the last 24 months at Planned Parenthood clinics???nobody even knows about this.”

???Beyond that no one even realizes, the president himself is purporting these lies, the biggest abortion group does not even give mammograms???and that is one of the biggest justifications for their tax payer funding,??? she said.

???The scam and the lies, and the offensive claim that they speak for women that needs to be exposed,??? she said.

An important and overlooked aspect, Rose also noted, is that Planned Parenthood???s war against women includes how it handles victims of sexual abuse and sexual trafficking.

“Planned Parenthood is engaged in numerous illegal, unethical and abusive activities that support the sexual trafficking of minors, sex and race based abortion, failing to report sexual abuse of underage girls, accounting fraud in California, and nine medical emergency 911 calls in the last year alone.

???LiveAction, in our investigation of the Planned Parenthood???s sexual cover-ups, even turning a blind eye and aiding and abetting sexual trafficking???what we have found time and time again is that at dozens of clinics across the country is a complete ???don???t ask, don???t tell??? policy when it comes to abuse,??? Rose said.

Tragically, instead of offering true aid and support to the victims and their unborn children, Rose says that Planned Parenthood sees the sexual abuse victim as a target for taking advantage.

???The see children in an abuse situation with an older predator, they don???t see the child as someone to protect,??? she said.

When an underage girl becomes pregnant, there is obvious suspicion that she is the victim of statutory rape, Rose said. But, Planned Parenthood???s procedures facilitate a cover-up of that crime, but not only killing the unborn child, but by refusing to report the situation to law enforcement authorities.

???They have a strict code of confidentiality that the organization has yet to disavow,??? she said.

???Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and their leadership, have lobbied fiercely against any parental involvement law,??? she said. ???They do not want to have parents involved to protect their children, they do not want to have to make mandatory reports about sexual abuse,??? she said.

???They don???t believe in these things because their number one priority is building up these strict codes of confidentiality with young girls,??? she said.

Another example of this behavior is when Planned Parenthood drove the federal government???s decision to take out funding from legitimate care providers like Catholic Charities programs to have victims of sexual trafficking, she said.

Catholic Charities, Rose was quick to point out, would not refer its sexual trafficking victim-clients to Planned Parenthood for abortion.

???There???s a huge presumption that is being made by Planned Parenthood when they claim to speak for women and when they claim that Obama is speaking for women,??? she said.

???The claim the president made in the second presidential debate that millions of women rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms???and that is a direct lie,??? she said.

???There is no mammogram equipment in any Planned Parenthood clinic,??? she said. ???When you call asking for a mammogram, they say: ???Oh, we just do abortions.??????

It goes against the heart of reality, she said.

???So many women are being lied to???and taxpayer dollars are propping up these lies.???

“Thanks to nearly $500 million a year in taxpayer subsidies, Planned Parenthood performs over 320,000 taxpayer funded abortions a year, making the group the abortion industry’s top abortion provider nationwide,??? she said.

???President Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history and he is Planned Parenthood’s President, but one has to wonder why the president is turning a blind eye to the dangerous, illegal, unethical and fraudulent practices engaged by the organization and its threat to women and young girls.”