Okyay: Halloran for Congress

New York State Assemblywoman Grace Meng is running for Congress in New York???s newly carved 6th Congressional District, which represents a large portion of Queens County.  Her campaign website headlines ???Grace Democrat for New York,” but it really should say: ???Liberal Taking Nanny State Policies Nationwide.???

A photograph with America???s most dangerous gun disarmament advocate New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is predominantly displayed, and her record in the state assembly shows blind obedience to radical, anti-liberty views.

Bloomberg has endorsed Meng for Congress, which in itself raises a red flag, but further problematic is her announcement in a recent press release that said Meng is an outspoken supporter of gun control, an issue that is of paramount concern to Queens??? voters.

What it is of greatest importance to Queens voters, much like the rest of the Nation, is creating an environment that creates private sector jobs, and reduces the unemployment rate.

Republican NYC Councilman Dan Halloran is her main opponent in this race.

In contrast, is definitely one of the most liberty minded candidates running for Congress this year.

Halloran said he fully understands that ???the economy is the most critical issue to voters??? not just in Queens County but across the Nation.

???It has become too difficult to maintain a business in New York and in the United States. The government needs to get out of the way and give job creators a chance to succeed, rather than being stifled by high taxes, overly burdensome regulations and unfair fees,???said Halloran.

His long history of steadfast support for liberty is evident in the Eagle Scout’s community service background, and record as city councilman. As a former national officer and New York State chairman of the Liberty Caucus of the GOP, Halloran is a leading voice for government transparency and reform.

Halloran has rejected all of the nanny state proposals Bloomberg has initiated, such as bans on MSG, salt, and soda.  Thanks to Bloomberg and other radical liberals in New York State, including Meng, there is legislation in Albany to prevent New Yorkers from smoking in their cars and homes.

The former police officer said, “Mayor Bloomberg has his nose in everyone???s personal business.  The government can???t dictate what we do in our private lives.  Unduly government intervention is a slippery slope once accepted, will be impossible to escape.???

Te Queens city councilor served in the New York City Police Department and three district attorney offices, helping to keep the community safe.  Dan also worked in private practice as a litigation attorney fighting for patients??? rights and representing NYC police officers as counsel for the Police Benevolent Association.

Watch former NYC mayor Rudolph W. Giuiliani endorsing Halloran:

Halloran is an avid hunter, and said he believes gun violence is a symptom of socio-economic disparity.

???In tight economic times, the People lose a sense of hope.  This contributes to a decline in morality.  We must employ a simpler tax system that permits our economy to grow by encouraging investment and job creation,” he said.

???We can regulate guns until the cows come home, but it will not keep people safe.  Criminals will use guns, knives, or glass bottles as their weapons of choice, regardless of gun restrictions,” he said.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Queens County, and like Dan Halloran, I have a good sense of the needs of the community.  I know firsthand that Dan Halloran has been an excellent advocate for liberty in Queens County and nationwide.  Send him to the  Congress now, instead of another outspoken liberal who favors gun control, higher taxes, and nanny state policies.