Obama administration behind sequestration cuts, says Joe Wilson

Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina in an exclusive interview with Human Events, says he politely disagrees with Obama about his administration’s role in the drastic defense spending cuts scheduled to take place through sequestration.

???I beg to disagree with the president???s denial of an administration in the sequestration process,??? said Wilson, who is a member of the Armed Services Committee, specifically citing references to Bob Woodward???s new book on the Obama administration, “The Price of Politics”, which says that sequestration originated behind closed doors in the White House.

In September 2009, the soft-spoken South Carolinian congressman became the subject of national controversy when he interrupted an address by the president to a joint session of Congress by shouting ???You lie!??? Wilson later explained that he was moved to shout when Obama insisted that the Obamacare legislation would not provide health care to non-citizens, and he knew from the committee process that this was not the case. Wilson promptly called the White House and apologized to then-Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

Although Wilson said Emmanuel accepted his apology and the president has ???always been gracious to (wife) Roxanne and me when we???ve been to the White House,??? the Democratic-controlled House at the time formally rebuked the lawmaker. In addition, he became one of the top targets of national organizations when he ran for re-election in 2010. Wilson won handily and this year, he is unopposed for re-election.

???And I???m spending every free hour I have campaigning for other Republicans,??? he told us, noting that he would be at Virginia Military Institute over the weekend campaigning for Rep. Bob Goodlatte and for U.S. Senate nominee George Allen. Wilson also plans to be in North Carolina to stump for former U.S. Attorney and House nominee George Holding.

Wilson said he felt ???Mitt Romney had a very positive debating tactic on Monday and he effectively deflated the flailing campaign tactics of the president. My own emphasis is on national defense but I know that most voters consider the economy the most important issue. Gov. Romney knows that and that is why he focuses on the economy.???

He added that he felt Romney ???conducted himself well in handling sensitive matter such as the coverup (of information related to the killing of the U.S. ambassador) in Libya and Operation Fast and Furious.???

Wilson predicted Romney would win in November with 52 percent of the vote, ???but it could be 53 percent or more. I watched the recall election against (Wisconsin Gov.) Scott Walker and he won with a larger margin than the polls showed. I have always said I have faith in the American people.???