Romney would make a better commander-in-chief, says Inhofe

One of the senior ranking Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee said that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the clear, concise and “showed [that] he would make a better commander-in-chief” in last night’s third and final presidential debate.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) specifically praised Romney’s comments on the issues dealing directly with what he called the “abysmal foreign policy record.” According to Inhofe, these include Obama “standing in the way of preventing the automatic military cuts through sequestration, and turning his back on two U.S. allies, Czech Republic and Poland, by cancelling the Third Missile defense site, creating a 5-year gap in United States and European missile defense against an Iranian nuclear missile.”

The debate and discussion of cuts in the defense budget came on the same day that Inhofe released a video on seqeuestration entitled “Disarming America.”

In contrast to Obama’s record, Inhofe said that Romney’s vision is “optimistic” and that “America’s standing in the world simply cannot handle another four years of [Obama’s] failed leadership.”