Chris Christie makes the case for giving Obama a plane ticket back to Chicago

New Jersey governor Chris Christie delivered a fiery speech at a Virginia rally for Mitt Romney over the weekend:


Christie is calling back to Obama’s recent declaration that his first-term disasters stem from an inability to change Washington from the inside. (Hilariously, the President’s idea of an outside-Washington, people-powered initiative for change was… ObamaCare.)

This was widely derided as a jaw-dropping installment in Obama’s “nothing is my fault” re-election tour, but Christie is correct to identify it as a species of arrogance.  Obama is the consummate creature of Washington, a man with no career beyond insider politics… and he claims to have spent four years discovering that the machine he wants to make even bigger can’t be changed from the inside.  He’s portraying himself as a lonely crusader against the corrupt system, when in reality he’s the avatar of that system.

And if he’s serious about wanting to be re-elected as President of this unbeatable, un-reformable system, he’s saying that given four more years, he can finally do the impossible.  Instead, anyone who takes Obama’s “can’t change Washington from the inside” complaint seriously should reflect that the only logical solution would be reducing the size and power of that oppressive system… and that is the exact opposite of what Barack Obama has done, and would unquestionably continue to do.