Rubio blasts Obama for 'completely giving up' on plan for next 4 years

Florida Senator Marco Rubio blasted the Obama administration this morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Rubio said the Obama camp, “Has given up on an outlining a plan to govern this country for the next four years.”

They’re too busy attacking Mitt Romney’s character.


???We want to grow the economy. And I think the most startling thing that has happened here over the last month of this campaign, is the President has completely given up on outlining any sort of agenda for the future. What???s his plan for the next four years? What do the next four years look like? ??? Well, [Mayor Rahm Emanuel] talked about spending a lot of money and I get that. I understand that???s what he???s done the last four years, they???re going to continue to spend money on roads and bridges. We already did that one time, it was called the stimulus. $800 billion and it didn’t grow the economy. What about the tax code? What about regulations? What are we going to do about the onerous impact that Obamacare is having on businesses all across the country and on individuals that are on the verge of losing their coverage they like and the small businesses that are moving people to part-time status to avoid the impact that the healthcare law is going to have on them. It???s just startling that the President, two weeks from Election Day, has given up on an outlining a plan to govern this country for the next four years.???


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