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Social conservatives aren't entirely impressed.


Catholic group hits back on contraception mandate

A new endeavor unveiled by Catholic Charities of Chicago last week makes the point that ‚??fining charities because of their religious beliefs” is not the best policy.

Although conservatives are often disappointed with some of the projects the national Catholic Charities organization puts its money behind, a new endeavor unveiled by the organization‚??s Chicago chapter last week received prolonged applause on the right.

Against a back-drop of scenes of the homeless and inner-city shelters, a new hard-hitting TV spot narrated by actress Cheryl Rhoads points out that Catholic Charities of Chicago is ‚??one of the largest charities that serves the poor, but their services to the poor could be at risk with the $5 million fine that President Obama‚??s new mandate would force them to pay.‚?Ě

The spot goes on to explain that the penalty would be forced on the charitable group ‚??if they refused to pay for sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs that would violate their religious beliefs.‚?Ě The conclusion of the ad asks: ‚??Fining charities because of their religious beliefs? What happened to the First Amendment? Why, Mr. President, why?‚?Ě

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