Update: Texas Halloween display with political themes wrecked by vandals

A sad update to a story from a few weeks ago: the Halloween display created by Glenn and Melissa Cruson of Coleyville, Texas has been destroyed by vandals.  The display featured Barack Obama and Joe Biden (the latter wearing a clown suit) stuck in a huge spiderweb, which had been created by a giant spider ridden by Mitt Romney.  The national debt was posted on signs around the web.  If it had included Ron Paul riding on Godzilla and destroying the Federal Reserve, it would have offered something for everyone.

But according to the local CBS News affiliate, Melissa Cruson was tipped off by friends that something was wrong with her Halloween tableau.  She ran outside to discover “the heads of the characters were gone, signs were shredded, and an American flag was gone.”

This heinous act of sabotage was duly reported to the police, but meanwhile neighbors gathered to rebuild the display… in a manner that the homeowners hoped would not draw the ire of vandals:

Cruson quickly came up with a new display plan that she said she hoped would not cause any controversy, but still sent a message.

There were no characters in the large web. Mitt Romney was rebuilt next to an empty chair, that had clown shoes and a nose attached to it. A large sign read ???Thieves took the clowns, but the circus still remains.???

???We didn???t want anybody to think we took it down on our own because we believe in our rights to free speech and we believe in the message we were sending to begin with,??? Cruson said.

It’s wonderful to see the Heckler’s Veto becoming such a vital element of our public discourse.