Social media tide turning red

With just three weeks left before election night, the Romney Ryan team is surging online.  Will it be enough to overcome the president’s substantial lead online?  Data continues to document that the opportunity exists for the Republicans to ride recent momentum and catapult into the lead in the coming days. Let???s take a closer look at what is happening within the online battlefield.

Facebook Likes 

President Obama ??? 30,866,492 ??? 2.5 million talking and engaged

Mitt Romney ??? 9,411,330 ??? 2.6 million talking and engaged

Paul Ryan ??? 4,712,205 ??? 1.6 million talking and engaged

Joe Biden ??? 458,680 — 665,000 talking and engaged

While Mitt Romney continues to lag behind Team Obama with the Facebook venue in sheer numbers, the momentum has shifting dramatically since the Republican convention and only accelerated since the first presidential debate.

Romney has nearly doubled his ???likes??? since late summer after launching a massive and daily barrage of Facebook posts. The posts have been hard-hitting and on point, demonstrating a clear contrast between the president???s policies and the Romney platform.

The selection of Paul Ryan to the ticket has been magical within the social media marketplace. Ryan has taken all of the air out of the competitive battle between he and VP Joe Biden. Despite the laughter and smirks in their most recent debate, it appears that Ryan may have the last laugh when all of the votes are counted here. In the past 60 days, Ryan has gone from a relative unknown online to a force to be reckoned with.  He has nearly 10 times the number of Facebook likes as does the VP.

Look Who???s Talking

While the president has a commanding lead in terms of pure numbers both on Facebook and Twitter (Obama has 20,912,763 followers vs. Romney???s 1,423,000), it???s important to be mindful of the relative level of engagement between the candidate and his social media base.

It appears that the bulk of President Obama???s followers on Facebook have become less interested and active in his candidacy.  Less than 10 percent of his base is actively engaged and ???talking??? about his posts and campaign. The Romney/Ryan Express is experiencing a tremendous resurgence in the activity level of their followers with more than 25 percent of Romney followers and more than 30 percent of Ryan followers actively engaged in the dialogue between candidate and follower.

No doubt that the most recent VP debate has boosted the Biden ???talk??? in the social media world. Despite all of this ???interest,??? it appears that Biden???s performance last week has done little to bolster his position with the Facebook audience. In contrast, Paul Ryan has been the clear winner post-debate, growing his base of Facebook followers dramatically since his tussle with Biden.  Ryan has over 1million more ???likes??? talking about him vs. his volatile competitor.

The Romney/Ryan ticket is most definitely rolling and seems to be gaining speed.

Tuesday night is yet another opportunity to kick it up a notch.  While direct mail, Email & television campaign tactics may be a draw with the Obama effort, the recent efforts on Facebook seem to be generating great dividend in terms of momentum.

No doubt that the president will come out swinging in Long Island.  Republicans have an opportunity to deliver a knockout punch from both the podium at Hofstra and the social media arena.

It???s time to keep the pressure up online with the same level of intensity and focus. We need to take another chapter out of the Communicator in Chief???s playbook and use it to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Every Republican surrogate needs to put the hammer down in the next three weeks on his or her own Facebook site and adopt the Romney Ryan messaging blitz.

When they do, we will turn out more voters on Election Day and show the country that no contest is out of reach if we all work together to achieve victory.