Biden and Obama aren???t part of the White House, which is not part of the Obama Administration

Courtesy of The Hill, a stunning admission from the White House:

The White House on Friday said Vice President Biden was speaking for himself and President Obama when he said the administration was unaware of additional requests for security in Libya.

“He was speaking directly for himself and for the president,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said at his daily briefing.

The explanation came after Biden made waves during his debate with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan by indicating the administration was unaware of requests by State Department officials for additional security in Libya.

Oh, so the Obama White House isn???t part of the Obama Administration?  And ???The White House??? is an organization distinct from B. Hussein Obama and J. Biden?  They???re just a couple of guys the ???White House??? occasionally meets for drinks after work?  You learn the most amazing things listening to Jay Carney.

The staggering incompetence of the Obama Administration has rocked even some of their media supporters.  The best thing they can do at this point is try to downplay the significance of what Obama, Biden, and their spokespeople are saying.  They report the news as quickly as possible, in the softest whisper they can manage, and hope readers don???t absorb the import of what they???re saying.

Some reporters are doing nice work on the Benghazi debacle, but Big Media, as a whole, is not building a ???narrative??? that ties it all together, they way they most certainly would for a Republican administration.  If Vice President Sarah Palin had tried to excuse patently false statements made during a debate, concerning a debacle that claimed the lives of four Americans, by claiming that she and President John McCain really weren???t part of the McCain Administration, you???d be seeing 24/7 ???America in Crisis??? news coverage of it all weekend.

Leaving the Administration???s deceits unconnected by a narrative thread allows ridiculous falsehoods to be taken as serious responses.  Obama???s people keep insisting that they???ve been calmly and rationally ???investigating??? the Benghazi attack, and releasing the best information they have at each given moment.  That???s nonsense ??? they haven???t ???released??? anything since the ???spontaneous video protest??? fantasy.  All the valid information Americans have about the Benghazi attack has come from investigative reporting and Congressional oversight.  The Administration hasn???t given us the truth; we???ve taken it from them.

The White House keeps blaming everything on faulty intelligence reports.  Biden blamed the intelligence community for misleading him and the President about the ???spontaneous video protest.???  A media interested in building a narrative would be asking why they don???t name these criminally negligent intelligence officers, fire them, and call for massive shakeups in the intelligence agencies that failed them so badly… especially since Joe Biden is relying on their flawless ability to detect Iranian nuclear warhead assembly.  But they won???t do that, because they don???t really mean it ??? they???re lying their butts off to save their skin, not calling attention to dangerous deficiencies in U.S. intelligence.

State Department officials made it crystal clear to the House Oversight Committee this week that budgetary concerns had nothing to do with consulate security.  Why is anyone in the Administration or Democrat Party allowed to keep pushing this talking point?  A fair media narrative of the Benghazi debacle would make this malarkey impossible to sell.

The State Department always knew the Benghazi consulate was attacked by terrorists.  They knew it within hours of the attack.  They never thought there was a ???spontaneous video protest??? spinning out of control in Benghazi.  But we???re supposed to believe the State Department is wholly insulated from the White House, and neither one of them is really part of ???the Obama Administration????  And yet a State Department official, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, was the Administration???s point woman for dispensing the absolutely false ???spontaneous protest??? narrative across every news program, a week after the attack?

This is Attorney General Eric Holder???s ???I???m incompetent, not a perjurer??? defense all over again.  Obama and Biden are using ignorance as a shield against charges of mendacity??? and proving themselves dangerously unfit for office in the process.

Their eternally shifting stories are indefensible unless Obama???s real objectives, on the day after the September 11 attacks, are kept in mind: (1) control the 72-hour news cycle to keep anyone from asking about the Administration???s role in the disaster, (2) keep the ???al Qaeda has been decimated??? campaign narrative alive, (3) keep media pressure focused on ???Mitt Romney???s gaffes,??? (4) make the assault on Ambassador Stevens appear to be a stunning surprise that no one could possibly have anticipated or prepared for, and (5) keep Obama on schedule for that big Las Vegas fundraiser, which he could not have plausibly attended if America was supposed to be responding to a deadly terrorist attack.

Instead, we???re all supposed to pretend that everyone did the best job they possibly could have, no mistakes were made, everything functioned perfectly??? and while the various components of this Administration do not communicate with each other in any meaningful way, it???s important to put them back in power for another four years.

Update: Mitt Romney picked up on Biden’s contradiction of State Department testimony right away.  Smart fellow, that Romney.  I bet he’ll know what every department of his Administration is up to.