Gas Can Man fuels energy policy debate in swing states

Energy policy doesn???t have to be boring, especially when it gets you get 15 gallons of gas for $27.60.

$1.84 per gallon–that was the median gas price nationwide in January 2009. That???s also how much the Gas Can Man, mascot for the Energize America political action committee (PAC), has been charging drivers who come to the PAC???s ???Pain in the Gas??? events at fueling stations in swing states across the country.

A day with the Gas Can Man in Northern Virginia:

???Gas Can Man knows that high gasoline prices devastate our economy by suppressing economic growth, driving up the costs of food, goods and services and by putting even more pressure on struggling American families,??? says Energize America???s website. ???We CAN do better,??? the statement reads.

Gas Can Man made four stops in Northern Virginia Wednesday morning. Signs and publicity drew traffic to several gas stations, where drivers could fuel up while considering a banner showing that the national median gas price has been $3.72 per gallon under President Barack Obama???s administration. The first promotion took place in May.

Steve Gill, chairman of the Morning in America PAC and Gas Can Man???s main press liaison, told Human Events, ???People know what the gas price is. They don???t know what the unemployment rate is, they don???t know what the GDP rate is. They know what gas prices are, and as they go up and down they pay attention to that.???

Worry has grown among conservatives as the Obama administration???s policies have made domestic energy costs soar, stifling relevant industries and hurting the economy.

While the Obama administration pushes for increasingly harsh regulations on the coal industry and funnels taxpayer money to one failed solar energy company after another, gas prices are the main hook for popular attention, Gill said.

???The bottom line is we could put a guy out in a coal mine costume, but it wouldn???t have the impact,??? he said. ???This guy looks like the Kool-Aid Man, you know, with a nozzle.???