White House spokesman on Benghazi: It all depends on the definition of terrorism

White House spokesman Jay Carney held his first televised press briefing in over two weeks on Wednesday.  The reason for the interruption in televised briefings is not difficult to guess, after watching Carney flop around behind the podium under the disbelieving gaze of Fox News’ Ed Henry.  If you had any questions about the Administration’s ever-changing story on the Benghazi attack, well, everything should be clear as mud after watching the clip below.

Remember, we learned yesterday that no one at the State Department ever thought the Benghazi attack was a “spontaneous video protest.”  This talk about the entire White House staff – and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who is a State Department official – somehow getting bamboozled by a single bad intelligence report is ludicrous.  A day or two of confusion might have been understandable in the terms Carney presents here, but not weeks of false storylines presented to the American people.  As Jake Tapper of ABC News would later go on to point out to Carney, Obama seems to have done exactly what he incorrectly accused Mitt Romney of doing: shooting first and aiming later.

And this dodge about how no one can discuss the Benghazi debacle until all sorts of investigations are wrapped up, comfortably after the November election, has aged far past its sell-by date.  A lot of the people supposedly cooperating with this “investigation” are sitting in the same building, and they’ve all got computerized logs.  The American super-power currently seems a lot less organized than the al Qaeda operation Obama supposedly “decimated.”  Actually, Lt. Col. Andrew Wood made exactly that point before the House Oversight Committee today, testifying that “they are certainly more established than we are” in Libya.