Is Universal Studios pushing Obama propaganda in its Halloween show?

I phrased the title of this post as a question because the story currently comes from a single source, but it shouldn’t be difficult to confirm.  Emergency room nurse and “active volunteer campaigning for the Republican ticket” Marla Knowles visited Universal Studios in Orlando for “Halloween Horror Nights,” attended the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure” show, and was duly horrified by what she saw:

In the show, a black man was dressed up in a suit and sunglasses looking all cool and singing a rap about how he was the first black president. He makes references to gay rights, women’s contraception, killing Osama bin Laden, supporting Big Bird and the like. All the while, the crowd was getting pumped up and cheering the entire time. The black man’s “opponent” was a white man talking like a “nerd” and looking all disheveled as he stumbled out saying that he lied in the debate, that he shoves grannies off the cliff. “Oh, I didn’t know that women could vote,” he even said at one point.

The show, of course, ended with the most popular songs blasting as dancers took to the stage, making it a big, cool Obama party to appeal to the voters.

It was absolutely ridiculous the trash that Universal Studies is feeding these people coming to the park every day, particularly impressionable younger voters. It is absolutely reprehensible and completely biased that Universal would use its park as a platform for the Democratic Party’s political gain. As an amusement park, it should stay politically neutral.

It was especially appalling the way the show was attempting to destroy Romney’s image, and in a battleground state like Florida. And visitors are paying for this! I spent about $180 on my ticket that day ($90 for general admission and $80 for the express pass). This isn’t just a “Saturday Night Live” skit or a political cartoon.

Knowles says she tried to discuss the show with Universal representatives, “but they just completely white-washed the truth, acted like they didn’t care, had their canned responses and denied that the show was pro-Obama/anti-Romney, which was absolutely ludicrous.”  She is calling for a boycott of the park.  As a commenter to her post at BizPac Review pointed out, the show might also warrant investigation by the FEC as an in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign.

So, can anyone else who has seen this show confirm Knowles’ account of it?  With all due respect to her, there’s no reason to settle for a single description when large audiences have sat in attendance.

It would be one thing if the performance gleefully mocked stand-ins for both candidates.  “Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture,” Universal’s website for the show invites.  They might have been better advised to leave political figures out of it altogether, during the height of election season in a crucial swing state.  Entertainment and pop culture provide plenty of satire-worthy targets without going anywhere near Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Even a truly bipartisan round of light jesting could make various segments of the audience uncomfortable.  But if the show is as heavy-handed as this description makes it sound, Universal Studios should be ashamed of itself.