What did Obama know about Libya, and when did he know it?

A powerful new American Crossroads ad rips the Obama Administration’s handling of the aftermath to the Benghazi attack, openly accusing Obama and his team of lying to the American people about the nature of the attack for weeks, because conceding it was terrorism would have made for bad optics during the President’s re-election campaign:

It’s stunning that Democrats would try to make a big deal about Paul Ryan getting a little curt in response to an absurd loaded question at the end of his 197th interview, when Obama and his team have essentially stopped communicating with the press, because they’re terrified of getting hit with questions about Libya.  And there are a lot of questions to be asked.  Every day brings new revelations about the shaky security situation in Benghazi, and the Administration’s refusal to provide the necessary security.

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who headed up the security team that was withdrawn from Libya before the attacks, is about to testify before Congress that the State Department actually grew annoyed at continued requests for extra protection from American diplomats, and told them to knock it off.  “The requests were being modified to say, ‘Don’t even ask for DoD support,'” he told CBS News.

Wood also said he believes his team could have helped prevent the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans on September 11, if they had been allowed to remain in country.  According to the CBS report, Wood said he witnessed “a visible security drawdown while he was in Libya,” under pressure from “the higher headquarters at the State Department.”

The American people need to know why, and now, not at the post-election convenience of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Did they do it because they knew trouble was brewing, and they wanted to avoid politically unhelpful images of American troops tangling with Libyan protesters or “insurgents?”  If that’s the case, the Administration’s faith in Libyan security forces proved to be a deadly miscalculation.

Update: And the other shoe drops with a deafening crash… ABC News reports tonight that the State Department has officially dropped all pretense of the “spontaneous video protest” cover story.  There was never any reason to think a protest was in progress outside the Benghazi consulate at the time of the attack.  The first disturbance the Ambassador and his staff became aware of was an explosion, and gunfire from the terrorist attack.

Barack Obama knew this.  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice knew this.  They lied to your face, repeatedly, for political reasons, and they must be held accountable.  The State Department is obviously abandoning its fictions in the face of those congressional hearings.  This is an absolute disgrace.