Phony donations to the Obama campaign are easy, and fun!

After the huge story about Barack Obama’s suspiciously loose campaign donation system broke, you’d think a bunch of reporters would rush to test the assertions made in the Government Accountability Institute report.  Can foreigners really pump cash into the Obama campaign with their credit cards?

Alas, we don’t have that sort of media in the United States, so the task fell to Erick Erickson of Red State.  Erick risked a five-dollar hit to his wallet to prove that, yes, anyone in the world can easily make unverifiable donations to Obama for President.  He filled out the form on Obama’s website to show his donation coming direct from the Kremlin.  Obama may have promised Vladimir Putin greater “flexibility” to comply with Russian foreign policy after the election, but Obama’s campaign cash machine is plenty flexible right now!

The Obama campaign happily processed this donation without a quibble.  The bank eventually rejected the transaction because Erick provided a phony passport number.  Of course, that would not be much of an obstacle for donors from, say, the Chinese Communist party.

“Go try that with Target or Amazon or Apple or Mitt Romney’s campaign and see what happens,” Erickson writes.  “Here’s a hint: it’d get rejected.  When the zip code does not match, it would get rejected.  When the name on the card does not match, it will probably get rejected.  When nothing matches, it will get rejected.  Barack Obama’s campaign processed my very generous $5.00 donation.”

He would also have encountered difficulty buying any of the periodically offensive campaign merchandise from Obama’s web store, because they have much tighter credit-card validation systems than the donation page does.  Maybe we could choke off the flow of suspicious cash to the Obama campaign by telling international audiences that Obama is blowing those campaign donations on Big Bird ads.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how the Obama campaign is dealing with this fundraising bombshell, they’re trying to distract attention by savaging the authors of the GAI study.  Why, one of them, Peter Schweizer, used to work for Sarah Palin!  Never mind that he’s also a stern critic of Romney’s campaign finance practices, whose work on insider trading has actually inspired Obama policies in the past.  Never mind that plenty of Republican congressional campaigns are also critiqued for lax credit card security in his report.  He is now an un-person because he noticed something about the Obama fundraising operation that was not supposed to be investigated.