Dave Letterman accuses Mitt Romney of felony tax evasion

Dave Letterman, an increasingly bitter crank who somehow gets paid a titanic amount of money to host a late-night talk show, slandered Mitt Romney before an audience of millions Friday night, repeating the utterly discredited “Romney doesn’t pay taxes” line peddled by President Obama’s allies for several months before Romney released his tax data.

As reported at Fox News, Letterman unveiled a poll result that said 6 percent of respondents still want to see Romney’s detailed tax returns (wow! A whole 6 percent think that what Mitt Romney does with his money is more important than what Barack Obama is doing with yours!) and then launched into this little tirade: “Yeah, we want to get a look at those tax returns because I believe we will discover that the man has not paid a nickel in United States federal income tax.  That’s right, we have a felon running for president.”

That sounds like it might come close to actionable slander, although Letterman survived making rape jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughters, so who knows.  CBS will compel an on-air apology from Letterman, or dismiss him, if it has a shred of integrity.  This is a big problem for CBS, not only because a better late-night host would actually stand a chance of getting Romney to appear on his show, but because Letterman is alienating a large population of both Romney supporters and fair-minded Americans in general.  The universe of both potential viewers and interviewees for CBS will diminish because of Letterman’s rancid performance.

There’s nothing humorous, stimulating, or entertaining about a multi-millionaire Hollywood celebrity falsely accusing someone of felony offenses.  By the way, do we get a look at Dave Letterman’s tax returns for the past ten years any time soon?

For the benefit of anyone misinformed enough to take Letterman seriously, Romney’s average tax rate over the past ten years, as verified by Price Waterhouse Coopers, was 20 percent.  There is no point during which he paid zero taxes, or committed any felony tax offenses.  He actually overpaid his taxes in 2011, which was briefly a point of controversy among the Far Left, until they realized how stupid it made them look.