Republican youth volunteers hit the road in swing states

The Republican National Committee is deploying as many grassroots supporters as it can to go door-to-door for the Republican presidential ticket in three swing states, starting this weekend.

???Deploy to Ohio, Virginia, or North Carolina to knock on doors and make phone calls for Romney-Ryan 2012 and other Republican candidates,??? reads the flyer for the Republican National Committee Swing State Bus Deployment.

The Republican campaign effort for this election cycle has vastly outpaced that for previous presidential elections. This year, volunteers for the Republican National Committee have made nearly 5 times more phone calls than in Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)???s 2008 campaign for president, according to a statement from Kirsten Kukowski, Communications Director for the RNC.

???We???ve already contacted more voters than both the 2004 and 2008 cycles and we still have 5 weeks left,??? she said.

The bus deployment that starts this weekend is part of the larger Get Out the Vote ground game, she said.

Keegan Conway, a recent college graduate volunteering at the RNC headquarters, hopes to make the cut for this weekend???s bus trip to North Carolina, he said.

???I???d be going with another intern from the office and some of my friends at the phone bank,??? he said.

Conway came to Washington from California???s Central Valley 3 months ago to educate people about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney???s message, he said.

???I do support Mitt very strongly,??? he said. ???I want to be able to change people???s hearts and minds. I know that???s difficult, but talking face-to-face is better than on the phone, where you can???t really see what a person???s feeling or understand where they???re coming from very well.???

He hopes to connect with people who haven???t been paying much attention to media coverage of the campaigns, or who haven???t decided if they want another 4 years of President Barack Obama, he said.

RNC Political Director Rick Wiley said, ???With 5 weeks to go we???ve already received outstanding enthusiasm from volunteers in the DC and Northern Virginia area who will jump on buses to Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina every weekend from now until the election.???

The volunteer effort has already made over 30 million voter contacts this year and the volunteers on the bus deployment will reach millions more, he said.

Trips depart from the RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. and volunteers will receive a Mitt Romney for President T-shirt to wear while they???re campaigning.


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