Okyay: New anti-gun laws do not make us safer

Our hearts go out to all the victims of violent crimes.  It???s a natural emotion to have sympathy for the survivors of the July 21 Batman movie massacre in Aurora,Colo. So, we encourage those who are courageous enough to reach out to the public asking for action.

Action that actually reduces violent crime is worthwhile; but gun control is not action that will help. Of course, that doesn???t stop the gun haters from manipulating tragic events for their own cause.

For example, Mayors Against Illegal Guns have sponsored a new video that features Stephen Barton one of those victims.  Mimicking anti-gun groups, Barton pleads to the candidates in this year???s Presidential election to discuss gun control laws as a remedy to violent crime, regardless of the facts.

The movie theatre that the shooting occurred is and was a ???gun free??? zone, a gun control measure that has proven defective.

Indeed, it is highly possible that a law abiding and armed citizen may have prevented some of the damage if not for the ???gun free??? zone.  And, in the alternative, pro gun measures have reduced violent crimes.

For example, a small town in Georgia, the town of Kennesaw, unanimously passed a law in March 1982, that requires each ???head of household??? to own a gun.  The results have been fantastic. The crime rate in the town of Kennesawhas plummeted to near extinction.

Tell that to surrounded by armed security, new York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and he will turn a blind eye. He can afford his own personal security, but what about the rest of us?

While it is impossible for a society to control psychopathic criminals whose sole intent is to cause damage and harm, society can hold them accountable, and work to identify societal ills that effectuate this type of behavior.

History has shown that guns are not the culprit.  In fact, history has shown that guns save lives.  Anti-gun forces do not care about the truth, or real remedies, they care about gun control by any means.

Do not look at the evidence that shows gun control laws do not reduce violent crime.  Do not follow the Constitution that guarantees us a right to keep and bear arms.

Do not look at the relevant case law that the Court has deemed right and lawful to own and carry a firearm. Just look at emotion, hysteria, and wrongful actions committed by criminals to determine your opinion on gun rights.

That???s what the anti gun lobby, such as the Brady campaign and Mayors against guns would like us to believe. They do not use logic, liberty or common sense to effectuate gun control laws. They rely on tragedy to further their goals of gun bans and disarmament of the People all in the name of prevention.

Yet, the reality is gun control laws do not prevent violent crimes. In fact, they facilitate crime.  In an armed community, the criminal operative is afraid to be killed.

In an armed community, even those who do not carry are safer, because the armed citizen can protect them. In an armed community, law abiding and gun carrying citizens operate to protect others.

Does this mean we abandon our search to correct violent crimes?  No.

We act wisely with truth. Here are my suggestions:

Return God, the pledge of allegiance, and morals into the public school system; Support liberty and the Constitution; Stop the politicians from making so many laws that restrict personal liberty; Stop putting so many people in jail for non violent crimes; Keep a watchful eye on government entities that seek power and control over our lives; Don???t rely on government to solve problems; Encourage economic stability and opportunity via a free market; Respect your neighbor???s ideals even if it differs from your own; Be an example of peace; Be compassionate; Hold bad politicians accountable by voting them out of office; Don???t believe everything you read; Learn the facts; and most importantly; Don???t be afraid of guns; Be armed so that you can protect yourself against criminals!