Romney ad hammers Obama on military cuts

One good way to get a sense of the ebb and flow of a presidential campaign is to consider which candidate is defining the battlefield, and what ground he chooses to fight on.  A couple of weeks ago, the Democrats were peddling Barack Obama as ???The Foreign Policy President,??? the guy who killed bin Laden. But then the horrific debacle of 9/11/12 happened, Obama???s foreign policy was reduced to smoking wreckage across the Middle East, and we???ve already learned more than enough about Benghazi to demand the resignation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Flush from his huge debate victory on Wednesday, and knowing that his talk about American military strength resonated with voters, Mitt Romney has released an ad called ???Can We Believe Him???? that hammers Obama for his military spending cuts.  There probably wasn???t enough time in the space of this short ad to bring up the Obama Administration???s demands that military contractors violate federal law to hold off on sequestration layoff notices until after the election, but I???d fold that into future ads, if I was the Romney team.