Debate bump puts Romney within a point of Obama in must-win Ohio

Mitt Romney may have missed a major convention bump this year, but a “debate bump” from his decisive polemical victory over President Barack Obama Wednesday night is helping him to make up for lost time in the crucial swing state of Ohio. With its 18 electoral votes, Ohio has been one of the most challenging states for the Republican ticket: Romney has not led in polling averages for more than a year.

But Rasmussen reports  today that the race is well within the margin of error, with Obama edging Romney out on Thursday among likely voters in Ohio 50 percentage points to 49.

Over at Real Clear Politics,  poll averages show Romney gained a three-point bump literally overnight, cutting Obama’s averaged-out lead in half.

And don’t think Ohio is a fluke. Romney gained an average of 2.5 percentage points following the debate in Virginia, while Obama lost nearly a point in Florida, continuing a steady downward trajectory for his campaign in the state since the beginning of the month.