Obama???s media-embargoed Sharptonesque speech

On Tuesday night, the Daily Caller rolled out a world-exclusive video of Barack Obama delivering a bitterly divisive, racially charged speech to a black audience, in which he affected a comically overdone ???black accent??? and assured the crowd that racist American didn???t care about Hurricane Katrina victims because they were mostly black, as opposed to the largely white victims of Hurricane Andrew and the September 11 attacks.  (Remember when Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid infamously described Obama as ???a light-skinned African-American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one????)

There???s also a ???special shout out??? to hate preacher Jeremiah Wright, whose racist and anti-Semitic sermons prompted Obama to throw him under the bus in 2008, shortly after giving a ???powerful??? speech on race relations that nobody can remember a single word of, besides his moving promise that he could never throw Jeremiah Wright under the bus.  Obama hails Wright as ???my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. He???s a friend and a great leader. Not just in Chicago, but all across the country.???

Obama openly mocks anyone who thinks thirty years of attendance at Jeremiah Wright???s crackpot sermons might be a problem for him: ???They had stories about Trinity United Church of Christ, because we talked about black people in church.  ???Oh, that might be a separatist church!??????

And our Great Uniter of post-racial healing President uses a pregnant woman getting shot in the stomach during the L.A. riots as a metaphor for the racism faced by black Americans.  He literally strives to divide America, by claiming that the black folks of New Orleans aren???t really ???part of the American family,??? the way people in New York and Florida are.  ???The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event,??? the Daily Caller observes.

Obama spends a lot of time shouting angrily during this performance.  Joe Biden was also thundering in hateful rage when he dropped his amazing ???middle class has been buried the last four years??? gaffe bomb yesterday.  It???s remarkable how much the media gives these Democrats a pass for the kind of angry, confrontational, unhinged performance that would get Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan keel-hauled in the editorial pages, in the unlikely event either of those gentlemen lost their cool behind the podium.  And the funny thing is that Obama is the one who constantly receives media laurels for his cool, Spock-like demeanor.

An extra dimension of outrage accrues to this video because, as panicked liberals will be happy to stammer at you this morning, it???s ???old news.???  It was shot in 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia.  The media was well aware of this speech.  They collectively decided you didn???t need to know about it.  They tastefully avoided mentioning everything captured in the Daily Caller video, and presented Obama???s prepared remarks as if they were a transcript of the speech.  The offensive garbage Obama shovels in this video came when he went ???off-teleprompter??? and started ad-libbing.

Everyone who has been paying attention for the past four years already knows Obama???s a total fraud when it comes to ???unity??? and ???bringing Americans together.???  He???s the most fiercely divisive President of the modern era.  He never misses an opportunity to slice off politically disfavored chunks of the American population and present them to his followers as objects of hatred.  Very few people seriously believed his half-hearted disavowal of Reverend Wright ??? even his ardent supporters understood perfectly well that he didn???t snooze through thirty years of racist demagoguery, which he also didn???t mind exposing his children to.  Obama supporters either agreed with Wright to some degree, or made a simple political calculation to give Obama a pass for something that would have driven them into a frenzy, if they had found it lurking in a Republican candidate???s biography.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but an Obama supporter is defined by his or her refusal to hold Barack Obama accountable for anything he does or says.

But we are a visual society, and seeing Obama belt out this racialist tirade is different than reading about it.  No wonder the media wanted to keep this tape under wraps, especially when Obama was carefully extricating himself from the Wright story ??? which, you???ll recall, conservative media had to drag the mainstream press into covering.  This video might not be a “game changer,” but everyone who claims it will have no impact at all is forgetting the details of the fragile story they packaged and sold to the American people in 2008.  We were assured that Obama does not believe the things he’s saying here.  In fact, we were told he’s the opposite of what you see in this video.

And the media???s parameters for what constitutes ???old news??? are awfully flexible.  A century-old rock on property once owned by Rick Perry???s family spawned a week of screaming headlines and furrowed brows on talk shows.  Mitt Romney???s conduct in high school 50 years ago was turned into a major story.  But a buried tape from Obama???s first presidential run, six years ago, is a yawner nobody should pay attention to?  Could you at least try to pretend you have some objective standards, journalists?

Beyond the critique of media bias, what makes this performance relevant to the 2012 campaign is the way it fits neatly into Obama’s ideological vision of a stagnant zero-sum America, in which everything you have was taken from someone else – either through free-market capitalist theft, or compassionate redistribution overseen by our wise political masters.  It’s an ideology that turns your fellow Americans into enemies, rather than competitors.  It’s a paranoid vision that makes extensive use of weaponized hatred and envy to hold political coalitions together.  The results of putting that philosophy into the White House have been devastating for America.


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