Bill Clinton has an ???Honest Joe??? moment

It???s not quite as gaffe-tastically funny as Vice President Joe Biden talking about how ???the middle class has been buried the last four years,??? but here???s Bill Clinton saying some profoundly unhelpful things about the decline of middle class income, high unemployment, and other features of Barack Obama???s ???New Normal??? in New Hampshire on Wednesday:

Four years of Obamanomics have left median income lower than it was during the actual recession. Thanks for reminding us, Bill!

Of course, all of these gaffes are meant to be understood in light of the Empty Chair Strategy, in which Barack Obama is a challenger running for a vacant Oval Office to rescue America from the lingering horror of the bygone Bush era.  I doubt any of these Democrats understands just how absurd and pathetic they sound.  The joke will be on the rest of us come January 1, when the truly lasting legacy of the Bush years ??? his tax rates ??? expire, and shove America into a depression even deeper than the malaise Bill Clinton is talking about.