Survey shows doctors favor Romney, 55 to 36 percent

A press release from the 60 Plus Association highlights the results of a recent poll showing doctors favor Mitt Romney for president by a 19-point margin:

A new survey sponsored by Jackson Healthcare shows that by 55% to 36%, doctors favor Mitt Romney over President Obama, in large measure due to the President’s healthcare overhaul which places tremendous government burdens on the way and manner in which doctors can practice medicine.  Further, 15% of doctors are switching their votes from Obama in 2008, to the President’s opponent this year.

Other reasons cited by the survey include ‘leadership style, failure to follow through on campaign promises, unemployment and the general state of the economy.’

Said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, “Doctors are by far the most trusted profession in America, and just like we trust them on what treatments and medicines to take for our own welfare, we would all be well served to trust their judgment on what is best for the future of medicine in America.  Their overwhelming preference for Governor Romney is as clear a signal there is that Obamacare is bad medicine for all of us.”

Let us once again remember all the standard caveats about every poll, in this season full of weird samples and questionable methodology.  According to Newsmax, this particular survey included a good-sized polling sample of 3,660 doctors nationwide, with a partisan split of 24 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican, 26 percent independent, 6 percent Libertarian, and 7 percent unaffiliated.  That’s not in line with the partisan breakdown of the general population, but it might be reasonably representative of doctors.

Newsmax dug deeper into the survey results and found that “among doctors more likely to support President Obama were women as well as physicians employed by hospitals and health systems. Specialists, primarily psychiatrists, pediatricians and addiction medicine physicians also were more likely to support Obama.  Male doctors and those with their own practice or who had a stake in their own practice as well as anesthesiologists, surgeons, radiologists and ophthalmologists were more likely to support Romney.”

Voting enthusiasm among physicians appears to be significantly higher than it was in 2008, while as 60 Plus noted, Obama did far better among doctors back then.  Survey respondents favored repealing ObamaCare by 55-40.

Besides dealing with the ObamaCare nightmare, doctors tend to fall into the income group most heavily targeted by Obama’s class-war rhetoric, and their practices are the sort of small businesses that will be crushed by Taxmageddon.  And they might still have unhappy memories of Obama describing them as greedy tonsil vampires.


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