More illegal double votes found in Ohio, New York, and Rhode Island

A follow-up to a story from last week: the election watchdogs at True the Vote have discovered more ???snowbird votes,??? in which people who own vacation homes in Florida use absentee ballots to illegal vote twice ??? casting one ballot in the Sunshine State, and the other in their home state.

There???s nothing particularly complicated about the process used by True the Vote to catch these potential felons (double voting is a felony offense.)  They???re just comparing the voter registration lists between states to find people registered to vote in both, then looking for those who really did cast ballots from both states in prior elections.  Given the simplicity of this technique, one has to wonder why citizen watchdog groups have to pitch in as amateur sleuths to crack down on absentee ballot abuse.

True the Vote reported on Tuesday that they found 34 new double voters in Ohio, 32 in New York, and two in Rhode Island since their last update.  The New York double votes were discovered using a sample of less than one percent of upstate voters.  Ohio is a particular area of concern, because it???s a crucial swing state, and it???s pushing the use of absentee ballots with exceptional vigor??? having mailed an application form to every registered voter in the state.

???Our initial belief that we had uncovered only the tip of the iceberg continues to be reinforced,??? said True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht.  ???Pew Research???s finding that 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state continues to ring true.  Unfortunately, we keep seeing more people possibly voting illegally.???

???It???s important for voters to remember that no candidate or cause is worth a felony conviction,??? she added.  ???While some will no doubt commit the same fraud this year, we can find them in a matter of months.  True The Vote calls on Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio and federal officials to investigate and confirm our latest research.???

Engelbrecht pronounced herself satisfied with the steps Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has been taking to clean up his voter rolls, but worried that the combination of ???poor voter roll maintenance, emerging evidence of interstate fraud and Ohio???s new policy of absentee voting for all could create a perfect storm. The last thing we want is a repeat of the 2000 Election – this time by mail.???

But remember, according to the Left, voter fraud is so rare that we might as well just sit back and let it happen.  Also, putting potential fraudsters on notice that they will be caught and punished, as Engelbrecht and her group have done, is probably just a racist conspiracy to suppress the minority vote.  Even if relatively few minority voters own vacation homes in Florida, they???re bound to be intimidated by the chilling message sent by this ??? and every other ??? effort to protect the integrity of our ballots.