Joe Biden says the middle class has been “buried the last four years”

In the middle of a standard-issue fact-free Obama-bot rant about Mitt Romney’s tax reform proposals, Vice President Joe Biden drops a rhetorical bomb by declaring that the American middle class has been “buried the last four years.”

For once, Gaffemaster B is on to something.  Obama’s policies have left us with a shrinking middle class, a $4500 decline in median household income, permanent double-digit unemployment, exploding dependency on Food Stamp Nation’s constellation of welfare programs, and a painful increase in health care premiums due to ObamaCare.  And don’t forget about the doubled gasoline prices!

And the worst is yet to come!  Obama and his party have left the American middle class at the mercy of Taxmageddon, which will drop a $4,000 tax hike on the average family.  Biden’s boss is fond of blaming all his problems on George Bush, but unfortunately he can’t wait to end the Bush tax cuts, which are the only thing keeping Obama malaise from curdling into a new recession.

Also, contrary to the happy juice pumped into the frontal lobes of Obama supporters about a big manufacturing turnaround, the Washington Post ran an article on Monday lamenting that “the U.S. manufacturing sector isn’t collapsing, but it is definitely flat-lining.”  There is talk of tanking sales and stressed-out management teams.  The best “advantages” our manufacturing sector enjoys include “the decline in wages during the recession” and the Fed’s possibly unsustainable interest rates.

Good thing Barack Obama’s not the incumbent, or the media would expect him to defend all that.

Oh, and as for the dopey point Biden was trying to make before he drifted into a discussion of how Barack Obama buried the middle class: this “Romney will raise middle class taxes” canard is based largely on a dubious study whose core assumption is that tax rate reductions do not stimulate economic growth.

Romney’s proposal, which lowers tax rates while cleaning the kudzu of social-engineering tax deductions from our incomprehensible tax code, is structurally similar to the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission, which Obama convened, and then resolutely ignored.  One may reasonably ask for more specifics about precisely which deductions Romney would clear out, but that’s certainly not what Biden was doing.