Senator Corker accuses Obama Admin of ???gross negligence or incompetence??? on Libya attack

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) appeared on Fox and Friends Monday morning to discuss what the Fox broadcast engineers cheekily described as ???The Never-Ending Story??? pouring from this Administration about the deadly attack on our consulate in Benghazi:

Corker described the Administration???s response to the attack as ???bizarre,??? and said it leads him to believe ???there was gross negligence or incompetence involved,??? coupled with a desire to prevent Americans from considering that ???Libya may now be a failed state, if the FBI agents, who are well-trained, can???t even make it into Benghazi.???

The latter was a reference to the profoundly weird spectacle of FBI agents parked in a holding pattern near a city we???re now told is too dangerous for armed federal law-enforcement teams??? but required nothing more than a few local, tragically unreliable guards for the American ambassador on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Corker also mentioned the rising tide of ???green-on-blue??? attacks in Afghanistan – in which American troops are fired upon by the local government security forces they trained – as well as Iran???s continued shipment of weapons into Syria via Iraqi airspace, and Russia???s apparent enthusiasm for holding Obama to his infamous open-mike promise of greater ???flexibility??? after the election.

???This Administration has weakened our nation tremendously, through the huge debts we???ve run up over the last three or four years,??? said Corker.

He discussed the roadblocks encountered while trying to get more answers from the Administration about its conduct, describing the security briefings offered to Congress as all but worthless.  He didn???t place much faith in the bipartisan letter sent recently by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, upon which he sits.  Corker noted that the letter doesn???t demand any answers until after the election.  He seemed distinctly less enthusiastic about President Obama???s post-election flexibility than the Russians.

???The Administration seems to be hiding something,??? Corker said, conceding that he wasn???t sure exactly what it might be.  He made allowances for the possibility that slain Ambassador Chris Stevens might not have realized how much danger he was in, which would seem somewhat at odds with what we have been learning about Stevens??? perception of local security in the days before the attack.  Corker felt that the media was alleviating pressure from the Obama Administration by slowly leaking information about Benghazi, instead of demanding a full, immediate accounting from the White House and State Department.

This, in turn, has made it difficult for the American people to process the Benghazi attacks, and develop a united response.  ???It???s a time when we ought to be coming together,??? Corker concluded, ???and instead, I think there???s great division about what actually happened in this incident.???


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