American Crossroads hammers Obama over September 11 embassy attacks

A new ad from American Crossroads hits President Obama hard on his conduct after the September 11 embassy attacks, throwing in a little guest appearance from Bill Clinton that???s bound to boil the blood of Obama apologists:

This ad highlights one of the more absurd aspects of Team Obama’s frantic history revisionism, in which the new narrative – served up piping hot on Sunday morning by campaign strategist David Axelrod – is that Obama “called it an act of terror the day after it happened.”  This will come as a surprise to anyone who took the Administration’s constant repetition of the “understandable outrage over a blasphemous movie” excuse seriously.

It’s also rather strongly at variance with the behavior highlighted in American Crossroad’s video.  If Obama was right on top of this thing all along, and seriously believed the Benghazi attack was a terrorist strike unrelated to vigorous Muslim movie criticism, what was he doing goofing around on “The View” and partying in Las Vegas?  Indeed, one reason for the whole “spontaneous anger” spin on Benghazi was to excuse Obama’s conduct immediately after the attacks, and give the media license to continue their obsessive focus on Mitt Romney’s supposed “gaffes” in accurately criticizing the Administration’s behavior.

It’s far too late in the game for Obama’s spin team to roll out Benghazi 3.0.  The Obama campaign heavily relies upon mass amnesia, but only the most diehard supporters of this President are going to forget what happened two or three weeks ago.