Netanyahu gets a cold shoulder from the Obama Administration

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads up what Barack Obama describes as ???one of our closest allies??? in the Middle East, is scheduled to have a lengthy phone conversation on Friday with Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  The Weekly Standard reports:

President Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu on his trip to the United States, and the Israeli government presumably thought a meeting with the opposition candidate in the absence of one with the sitting president would be too provocative. But there was apparently an eagerness on the Israeli prime minister’s part to talk with Romney in order to help win as broad American support as possible for the red lines he outlined in his United Nations speech with respect to the Iranian nuclear program.

As for Romney, he expects to explore Netanyahu’s understanding of the red lines, and also, we are told, wants to hear Netanyahu’s perspective on developments elsewhere in the Middle East.

Apparently at the request of both principals, neither of their offices has put a hard-stop on their schedules for this call, so the discussion is likely to be both substantive and substantial.

Since Netanyahu is not a big donor, a hip-hop DJ who calls himself the ???Pimp With a Limp,??? or a co-host on ???The View,??? he has been unable to secure a meeting with Barack Obama.  The current U.S. president has a very busy schedule of absolutely nothing planned for this afternoon, so he can???t make time to meet with the Israeli leader, although yesterday the White House finally allowed that Obama will chat with Netanyahu on the phone.

Meanwhile, it turns out that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice ??? point woman for the Obama Administration???s astonishing weeks of lying about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi ??? blew off Netanyahu???s riveting U.N. speech yesterday so she could go to lunch with foreign ministers from the United Kingdom, China, France, and Russia, according to Fox News host Greta van Susteren.

???I think she picked wrong,??? van Susteren wrote on her blog.  ???We should try and show extra respect to Israel under all the circumstance and not give them the ???short end of the stick.???  We should be sending a message to the entire world (and our presence at the Prime Minister???s speech to the General Assembly sure helps) that we stand with Israel.  In stead she sent the message she ???traded up for lunch.??????